The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 50.1

Jiang Shining had not expected Sun Qinling’s visit.

Her thoughts couldn’t help but drift back to the Republic of China.

Sun Qinling and Xu Lingxin have been much quieter and have not gone to see her again since she failed to claim Chen Ruozhi and was stunned by Jiang Shining’s shooting.

They don’t see each other anymore, yet no one talks about that day. Chen Jiacheng still comes back two or three days a week, making Jiang Shining pleased. After all, she not only has to reverse the plot, but she also has to properly educate her children.

Chen Jiacheng is far more pleasant to deal with than Haoli. Chou Haoli is an emperor who is highly conscientious and concerned about everything. Chen Jiacheng is unique because Haoli is the male protagonist, but Chen Jiacheng’s role in this world is at most that of villain cannon fodder.

Her connection with Chen Jiacheng is also more harmonious under Jiang Shining’s intentional guidance and acting skills. When he was at home, the two sat together, watching Chen Ruozhi and the second concubine’s son play in the yard, and surprisingly, there was a sense of peace.

The incoming plot, however, was unaffected by this temporary pause.

 Even if Chen Jiacheng has been good enough for Jiang Yiru compared to the original, he, like several other guys, is still fixated on the female protagonist.

Chen Jiacheng was stunned by Jiang Shining’s shooting for several months, so he missed the original book’s plot forcing the heroine to be his wife. However, the plotline continues. This book is about the heroine Luan Heli’s interaction with several men during the conflict.

So Chen Jiacheng and several other guys persisted in pursuing the heroine. He still has lofty goals in mind.

Because the forced marriage did not occur as planned, the plot’s progress was somewhat lukewarm.

Three years have passed at this point. This year, Chen Tanliang turned eight years old, and the younger child has grown much taller. Chen Ruozhi is also five years old. The small girl resembles a doll. She speaks softly and laughs pleasantly.

Even though these concubines were embarrassed by this small child, Sun Qinling and Xu Lingxin still liked her. She always asked the servant girl to gently send some toys and tea, and she hugged her now and then when they met.

Jiang Shining was well aware of everything, yet she ignored it.

At this point, the personality differences between the brothers and sisters were more apparent. Chen Tanliang was a mischievous child. But, with the help of his sister, the young kid became more stable. He acted like a bit of a grownup, despite being practically nine years old. The only thing that can make him feel alive is when Chen Jiacheng’s subordinates come to teach him self-defense and fighting techniques.

On the other hand, Chen Ruozhi has a sweet tooth and enjoys narrowing her eyes and smiling. Jiang Shining only began teaching her to read poetry and songs with difficulty in the first half of the year, and once Chen Ruozhi read them, she began to boldly flatter people with poems. When she complimented a maid, for example, she ended up reciting about a white hair floating in green water.

(This is a poem about a goose.)

Jiang Shining is still quite cheerful throughout this particular period. The previous imperial fight world was too tight to rest from beginning to end. So the world appears to want her to loosen a little. Jiang Shining enjoys sitting in the middle of her yard under a tree and watching her two children do their homework.

When the second concubine’s son appears, he doesn’t comprehend the complexities between grownups and is obedient when he meets them. Although there aren’t many moments with him, Jiang Shining remembers such a child in the original story. As a result, she treated him equally because this young one was also good.

Because the children got along so well, Xu Lingxin gradually became closer to Jiang Shining. And Sun Qinling in the other room didn’t fare much better. She was the only one who didn’t have any children. According to the novel, the second room has fertility issues, explaining why there have been no children.

Jiang Shining and these people have no animosity, and Chen Jiacheng’s three wives would not have it easy regardless of the age or setting. As a result, she occasionally allowed Chen Ruozhi to visit Sun Qinling. After all, Sun Qinling likes Chen Ruozhi best.

Jiang Shining had no idea what would happen in the future because she didn’t have the original timeline to refer to. Hence, she began to interact with the affluent ladies of Winter City and attended banquets as much as she could. Women are the most effective at disseminating information. It would be like a women’s exclusive intelligence network as long as it is where celebrities and wealthy ladies converse.

“Have you heard that Mr. Li, the big boss, and Mr. Wei’s son have recently pursued Luan Heli? Because of this, the projects with which they were intended to collaborate have been blown out.”

“Luan Heli, what kind of demon was she? She causes a lot of men to lose their souls. Why don’t I think she’s anything special?”

“You may be unaware that Marshal Chen is also-“

The person next to her was shaken down as soon as this wealthy lady opened her mouth. Only then did she come to her senses and explain that she had been so preoccupied with the talk that she had forgotten Jiang Yiru was also present. The crowd was immediately embarrassed.

Jiang Shining smiled softly. “Don’t be concerned about me. For that man, spending his money is all that matters. Why should I care who he looks at? You should continue to speak as usual so that I know who I’m dealing with.”

The rich wives burst out laughing at these words.

“Yes, yes, yes, Yiru, that’s exactly what you need. “Another wife fanned her fingers and said disdainfully, “Men are all the same, and dogs can’t change their eating habits. I don’t care about my family; he has him, and I have mine.”

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