The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 50.2

Seeing that the conversation was about to stray off course, Jiang Shining came out just in time, “Just now, Luan Heli……”

“Oh, Mrs. Li told me that she witnessed the Marshal invite Luan Heli to dinner, but a few minutes later, the Wei family’s young master stormed out in a rage…… This isn’t his Wei family’s land, Aiya. This is Winter City! He dared to get so angry that the Marshal beat him. Finally, the dinner was not eaten since it was so messy.”

Jiang Shining frowned slightly, remembering that it was for this reason that the remaining several male characters formed an alliance to work together to discover a means to get rid of Chen Jiacheng, the most formidable and challenging rival.

The point is, these people are all playing supporting roles. Later, they’ll encounter the male protagonist, who is also a man controlling soldiers. He came and went, using his methods and schemes to conquer or beat other male counterparts. Finally, he shot Chen Jiacheng and lived happily ever after with the female protagonist.

Jiang Shining has no plan, and even if she did, it would be unable to keep up with the rapid changes. But she realized she had to disrupt the original plan and prevent these men from forming an alliance.

“When did this happen?”

“The day before yesterday or three days ago, I forgot.”

Jiang Shining returned to the Marshal’s home after the banquet. The family account book was in her hands, and she promptly requested someone to take out some gold, silver, jewels, and banknotes, place them in a carry-on box, and go to the Wei family’s mansion in Winter City.

Initially, this young master Wei was the only one in the Winter City. However, Madam Wei rushed over from another city after hearing that he had been beaten. When the maid arrived to inform Young Master Wei that the Marshal’s wife had come, he was lying on the bed with his jaws clenched, contemplating how to get revenge on Chen Jiacheng.

Both mother and son were taken aback when they learned it was Jiang Yiru.

“No!” Young Master Wei spoke up right away.

Madam Wei whispered helplessly, “Son, you must see her. You are on the site of others’ Winter City. Do you want to fight Chen Jiacheng if you don’t see her?”

“Our family is supported by powerful people. He just beat me, and now he wants to kill me?” Wei Gongzi expressed his contempt.

“Then Chen Jiacheng is a bandit. Who wouldn’t dare kill the bandits?”

 Seeing that his mother was about to cry, Young Master Wei waved his hand impatiently.

“Okay, let’s see how this goes. What is the point of looking? I suppose it’s only to show off my face…”

When Jiang Shining entered the back room, she noticed Young Master Wei lying on the bed, staring at her angrily. Jiang Shining caressed her hair as she smiled and turned to face Madam Wei.

“Madam, I’m here to apologize.”

Come to apologize? Both of them were dumbfounded.

Jiang Shining ignored their looks and sighed gently, “Young Master Wei, both of you are at fault for what happened that day.”

“My fault—?” Young Master Wei was so enraged that he almost didn’t bounce back and grinned in pain, “Hey—look at how I’ve been beaten up to?”

“It is the Marshal’s fault that you have been injured so much just because your fault was not heavy. But you are also at fault,” Jiang Shining said calmly. ” Here is Chen Jiacheng’s Winter City. How will he convince people in the future if you embarrass him here and he doesn’t beat you? Did he still want to send you home respectfully because you came to cause trouble?”

“This…” Young Master Wei was taken aback.

Jiang Shining waved her hand, and the four maids who followed her stepped forward, each holding a red-clothed wooden basket.

“Please accept these gifts as a token of my apologies.”

The first box was opened, revealing precious gems, diamonds, and banknotes. The second has title deeds, and the third is empty.

“I know the Wei family has a successful career and a lot of assets. So please don’t laugh at it. It’s a bit of an intention. “

Young Master Wei went over them one by one. This attractive lady was much easier to talk to than expected, and she was not of the same type as Chen Jiacheng. When he saw the last box, he asked, “Why is the last one empty?”

“The last one is a promise. If Young Master Wei needs my support in the future, I will do my best to help you,” Jiang Shining replied calmly.

“Oh?” Young Master Wei shifted his posture and asked, “What do you want in exchange?”

“There is nothing else. All I wish is that I want to mend my Marshal household and your Wei family ties. Do you think it’s okay?” Jiang Shining said with a light smile.

“It’s excellent, it’s excellent!” Madam Wei hurriedly said before Young Master Wei spoke, “We didn’t want to be the Marshal’s enemy. This is the best way!”.

“It’s a little tricky,” Young Master Wei hummed. “As long as Chen Jiacheng thinks about Luan Heli, he will have a disagreement with me.”

“Really? Did Miss Luan say she likes you?” Jiang Shining asked. “Does she ever have a crush on you?”

 “That’s not true, but…she didn’t reject me.”

“She also did not reject Chen Jiacheng. Miss Luan just doesn’t want to offend you, gentlemen. Not refusing doesn’t mean goodwill,” Jiang Shining replied with a smile. ” After all, she didn’t reject everyone, so how do you know you’re special? “

“You—of course, I’m handsome, and everything is great!”

“It appears that Miss Luan does not believe so; otherwise, she would have followed you already.”

Jiang Shining reached out her hand to stop Young Master Wei as he was ready to refute.

“I’m just giving you some advice, Young Master Wei. You’re not like the other suitors. Others had already made their way to the society,” Jiang Shining explained, “but you are the only one being supported by the family. So, how about you? When you have had enough chasing women, you can occasionally have to look back at your old parents. Luan Heli would not die without you, but without your Wei family, you would be nothing.”

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