The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 50.3

“Are you threatening me?” Young Master Wei said sullenly.

“I’m just reminding you. Others are willing to play with you because of the Wei family’s support, but Miss Luan would not catch up and delayed her own business.” Jiang Shining replied lightheartedly, “If Luan Heli finds her true love, everything you do now would appear silly to others. Having stated that, Young Master Wei should take a well-deserved rest.”

“Fuck you, stop for me – did you come to apologize like that, huh? You -“

Young Master Wei was so angry that Jiang Shining turned around and left.

On the other hand, Madam Wei had red eyes and wiped away her tears as she pressed Young Master Wei.

“Son, everything she said is the truth. Don’t stir up trouble anymore and come home with me.”

“I, I, I…” Wei Gongzi was pressed on the wound by his mother, and he couldn’t say anything until he shouted out in pain, “Oh, okay, I’ll go with you. You let me go… “

Jiang Shining, on the other hand, drove back to the house. She thought she had used up all of her good words. Didn’t the male protagonist force the Wei family to collapse and disintegrate in the end? It is estimated that the Wei family would not perish if this Young Master Wei could listen to even a little.

Jiang Shining noticed Xu Lingxin pinching her handkerchief and waited impatiently at the door after exiting the car and entering the Grand Marshal’s Mansion. Xu Lingxin rushed over as the two locked gazes.

“What’s wrong with you? You look like a cat stealing fish,” Jiang Shining couldn’t stop laughing.

“Aiyo, my great aunt, stop laughing, ah. What time is it? Where have you been this afternoon?” Xu Lingxin asked.

“What’s the problem?”

“When the Marshal returned, he was furious, and now he was waiting for you inside! I stood at the door for a long time, waiting for you to return. Before going here, the Marshal had just received a report letter and had become furious. Why did you go?”

 “Go shopping.” Jiang Shining stated flatly. Before walking in, she stretched out and patted her shoulder.

Chen Jiacheng’s chest rose and fell. His expression was gloomy and confused as if holding back his rage; he sat on the main seat and drank tea irritably.

He threw the teacup aggressively when he saw Jiang Shining walk in, frightening Xu Lingxin behind Jiang Shining.

“Jiang Yiru! Come and kneel for me!” Chen Jiacheng growled.

Jiang Shining remained motionless, only saying softly, “What’s the matter?”

Chen Jiacheng was rarely angry at her, and Jiang Yiru appeared to be obedient, but she had never obeyed his word.

“Did you receive my permission to go find the guy named Wei this afternoon?” “Don’t forget your identity,” shouted Chen Jiacheng fiercely.

“I walked to the door to apologize exactly because I hadn’t forgotten my identity.”

“Wait, what did you say? I just cleaned up that grandson with my front foot, and you apologized with your back foot,” Chen Jiacheng slammed the table. “Would you like to punch me in the face?”

“On the contrary, I apologize after you have beaten someone. Otherwise, people will believe you are wrong. Besides, don’t forget the power behind the Wei family,” Jiang Shining replied patiently.

“I… I’m afraid of him? The big deal is to fight a battle!”

Great, in the original book, Chen Jiacheng was injured due to this conflict, which led to the ending.

“Do you want me to discuss Miss Luan’s business here in the main hall? It doesn’t matter if you aren’t afraid of the Wei family. Still, the people chasing her are all leaders in various businesses, and you are the most hated among them,” Jiang Shining replied carelessly. Even if you find other allies and win the battle, you will gain nothing. What will happen to Winter City and the Marshal’s Mansion if the opposing forces regard you as weak and take advantage of it? “

“This…” Chen Jiacheng was surprised. The situation isn’t great right now, and Chen Jiacheng didn’t want to involve his family, but what Jiang Shining stated made sense. But he couldn’t leave the room and muttered, “Then what’s the point of you looking for someone named Wei?”

When a soldier ran over from outside, the two were stalemate.

“Marshal… Someone from the Wei family has just arrived. They have a letter and a word for you.”

“Speak.” Chen Jiacheng frowned.

“Master Wei said that he and his mother had left the city and returned to their hometown today. There had been many offenses in the previous days. I sincerely hope the commander will pardon me.” Xiao Bing said angrily, “Why would he apologize after swearing he would pursue revenge?”

Chen Jiacheng was taken aback. He’d been itching for this young master Wei for a long time, but he couldn’t kill him. He didn’t want to break up with the people behind the Wei family. He’s still upset, but now, this little grandson is really gone?

Chen Jiacheng couldn’t tell how he felt by looking at Jiang Yiru, who had a blank face.

“In fact, Young Master Wei has another word for Madam, but I’m not sure if it should be said or not.”

Chen Jiacheng glared over, “Speak.”

The soldier sprang to his feet.

“He also said that Marshal’s wife is a wonderful wife, mother, and helper. Marshal should be like his wife since she is good everywhere, gentle and lovable. I hope you can reflect on yourself and change the way you speak. People can become angry simply by hearing your apology, and stop hurting others when you apologize the next time.”

“Otherwise…” Xiao Bing couldn’t speak anymore. “Otherwise, the small voice is actually quite sweet.”

“Damn it! This lecher, it’s okay to steal Luan Heli from me, but dare to molest my wife?” exclaimed Chen Jiacheng fiercely. ” I’m going to kill him!”

Jiang Shining felt her mission was progressing well as soon as she heard the Wei family had left, and despite Chen Jiacheng’s problems here, she turned and left, wishing to rest. “Did I let you go?” Chen Jiacheng yelled furiously behind her. “Do you still have this nice man in your sights?”

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