The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 50.4

Too noisy.

Jiang Shining gave Xu Lingxin a look, and Xu Lingxin smiled as she went in.

“Oh, Marshal, come, drink the fire and rain, well, I mean water…”

Jiang Shining estimated that if Young Master Wei and other male characters had not formed an alliance, the original book’s plot would be better. After all, her main responsibility is to smooth the plot and improve the future. It will undoubtedly be a lot better if the giants do not fight. There will be no severe consequences when the male protagonist appears to settle accounts.

She spent two or three years developing a good relationship in the rich women’s circle. There was no conflict of interest, so the women could easily share the news. In any case, it may make Chen Jiacheng’s enemies less hostile.

Chen Jiacheng cannot die within the next ten years, and if he does, Winter City would be in disarray.

Jiang Shining’s actions made the other male supporting characters less interested in the heroine and more concerned with the main plotline, so they were not very hostile. Luan Heli appeared to be normal as well. Jiang Shining discovered that as long as people in this world made sense and kept their passions separate, their IQ would not go offline. As a result, it would be far preferable if the male protagonist showed.

In the end, Jiang Shining seems to have underestimated the force of the plotline in the hero and heroine.

Everyone turns out to be normal, but the male protagonist is the ultimate brain dead. Luan Heli fell in love with him as soon as he appeared. They had been involved for a year before getting together.

The male protagonist began to plan his retaliation. He developed the Republic of China’s domineering presidential style and intended to punish all those who bullied the female protagonist. Of course, the male supporting characters who continue to pursue the heroine are also part of the ‘bullying,’ in his opinion.

Nonetheless, everyone’s ending is better than the original. In the original, the male protagonist attacked all of the other male supporting characters, causing some to break down, go bankrupt, or die. But, because Young Master Wei was the first to go, he didn’t get involved this time. Although the other families were persecuted, none of them died. The family business remained, but they had relocated to Winter City and several nearby communities to avoid the limelight.

Only Chen Jacheng is unable to leave.

The hero engages in battle with Chen Jiacheng. As cannon fodder, Chen Jiacheng must not win. After losing, the male protagonist invaded Winter City all the way, intending to shoot Chen Jiacheng in front of everyone as a warning for Chen Jiacheng’s earlier entanglement with Luan Heli. In the original plotline, the heroine comes to a step late. Seeing that he happened to shoot Chen Jiacheng, she became angry because of his cold-blooded behavior.

When Chen Jiacheng was escorted and appeared, the servants, his mother, and two concubines of Marshal Mansion cried while other civilians looked on with fear. Only Jiang Shining’s eyes darkened.

If Chen Jiacheng dies, Winter City will be in chaos, and the people will suffer. Then her mission is over. She will die if she does not complete the task.

Until now… She wasn’t sure if she’d do it and couldn’t change the ending, but she was all dead and desperate!

Chen Jiacheng was being followed by the male protagonist. A person rushed out beside him one second before he shot.



Jiang Shining only felt a tingling sensation in her lower back, as if something was cold. She lost consciousness and thought she had fallen. She could see Chen Jiacheng screaming but couldn’t hear anything.


The world has gone silent.


Chen Jiacheng reached out his trembling hand and stroked her face, his palms soaked in blood.


Jiang Shining didn’t look at him. Instead, her gaze was drawn to the white clouds and sunshine in the sky.

Why me? Jiang Shining wondered, Why should I get hit by a car and have to go through this? I didn’t do anything.

It’s not fair.

Her ears could hear a few seconds again before she went into a coma. Luan Heli screamed and rushed over to stop the hero.

Jiang Shining eventually fainted from the thrills.

She thought she would die, but her soul returned to the Authority while she was in a coma.

“No. 154800, you have fulfilled the mission of smoothing the Republic of China’s world. According to calculations, the world’s abnormal plot has been smoothed out.” Said the robot.

“All right.” Jiang Shining realized that dying in the world was not really dead, so she asked, “I won’t vanish if I do the task, right? Then… on to the next mission?”

The robot made a shaky motion with his head.

“One of your jobs has been fulfilled, but the other has not,” he explained. “You’re returning to raise the next generation. It will not be considered a complete success until the adult has been qualified. So, good luck with your task, and good luck with the rest of your life.”

Jiang Shining blinked open her eyes.

She slept on her stomach. She saw the familiar Marshal’s bedroom, and there was a boy beside the bed. His forehead was on the edge of the bed, and he was asleep, with tears in the corners of his eyes.

Jiang Shining carefully extended her hand, hoping to touch him.

“Don’t sleep here, Tanliang. You’ll catch a cold—hiss!” The pain in her back made her speechless.

Chen Tanliang was startled awake by her speech, and the young boy’s black eyes locked on her. He pursed his lips and began to cry after a few seconds.


Jiang Shining couldn’t stop laughing as Chen Tanliang sobbed like a monkey.

When those outside the door heard the noise, they rushed in.


Chen Jiacheng appeared to be the most anxious. He knelt alongside the bed on one knee and stretched out to take Jiang Shining’s hand in his.

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