The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 50.5

Jiang Shining was taken aback. Chen Jiacheng is a handsome man, as a ruffian man. At the moment, his beard is unshaven, his eyes are red, and there are a few white strands in his hair, and he appears to have been boiling for several days.

“What’s the matter with you?” Jiang Shining asked in a daze.

How does he manage to make himself look like this? She is also a bit of face control. If it weren’t for her husband’s nice looks, it is anticipated that she would be more tormented while performing the task.

Chen Jiacheng misinterpreted her actions, believing she was still concerned with himself at the time, and the man’s bloodshot eyes became even redder.

“I’m sorry for not listening to you, Yiru… Everything you said is right. If I listen to you, you won’t fall to the current point… got you…,” he murmured hoarsely and even burst into tears.

“What’s the matter with me?” Jiang Shining asked strangely.

Chen Jiacheng couldn’t speak. “Madam, your life was saved, but… the doctor said… your lower body will be disabled in your next life,” the maid next to her wailed.


Jiang Shining could only think of one word at the time.

Is it necessary for her to go through all the horrible things only once in the five reincarnations of transmigrating books?

It will be eight years before Chen Tanliang becomes an adult, and she will be paralyzed through this period.

She exhaled softly, “It’s okay if you’re okay. Jiacheng, could you please quit making trouble in the future?”

“Don’t make trouble, don’t make trouble. I’ll listen to you in the future.” Chen Jiacheng wept.

The servants thought this scene was very moving. The Marshal and his wife’s connection was so strong!

However, a childish rage erupted at this beautiful time.

“It’s all your fault!” Ten-year-old Chen Tanliang snarled, “It’s all your fault that mom became like this! I will never forgive you in my life!”

“Bad dad!” exclaimed Chen Ruozhi, who had been carried in by the maid.

Chen Jiacheng became enraged after being disciplined by his son and raised his hand to attack him. She propped herself up and yelled, “Chen Jiacheng!

Chen Jiacheng froze, seeing Chen Tanliang glare at him like a small lion; he was angry but couldn’t beat him. He could only turn his head helplessly.

“I won’t fight, okay?”

Jiang Shining’s head began to buzz, so she sat down carefully.

“I don’t ask you anything else, Chen Jiacheng.” She said slowly, “Even if you feel you owe me a little, promise me, don’t beat the children, and treat them well.”

“Okay…” Chen Jiacheng said with a frown.

Jiang Shining began to heal after the storm.

Anyway, disability has become a fact, and she is not actually dead, so she tells herself that she is normal and considers it a privilege to live.

Her back injury gradually improved, and her life returned to normal. This time, she doesn’t have to be concerned about the world or the hero and heroine. It is said that the two of them returned home to marry, which is the best.

However, she could only begin to sit in a wheelchair, which usually is more inconvenient.

It’s just that Jiang Shining’s reaction is still indifferent; it appears to be no different than before, and it always makes people forget about her changes.

The maid next to Chen Jiacheng came over in a rush one day.

“Have you heard anything about it, Madam?”

“What did you hear?”

“Marshal intends to divorce his second and third wives.”

“What?” Jiang Shining set down the embroidery in her hand and frowned. “Why did the two of them provoke him?”

The maid paused as she gazed at Jiang Shining.

“Listen to what Marshal said; take it easy.” She whispered, “I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but I’m guessing you don’t know, so I’ll tell you ahead of time. If you think it’s not important, just think of me as overly chatty…”

After Jiang Shining thanked her, she had a headache watching the maid leave.

What is this?

Jiang Shining summoned someone after a few moments. However, after a few minutes, the maid entered.

“How come you’re reacting so slowly?”

“Madam, Marshal want to drive out two concubines away, and they were crying.” The maid said embarrassedly, “I just went to watch the fun.

“Call Chen Jiacheng for me.”

“Ah, now?” The maid hesitated.

“Now,” Jiang Shining stated emphatically.

The maid left.

Five minutes later, a man’s footsteps could be heard outside, and Chen Jiacheng entered.

“Did you call?” Chen Jiacheng knelt beside her. “How is it going? Is your back aching today?”

Jiang Shining brushed away the hands that were pulling at her waist.

“Are you going to divorce Sun Qinling and Xu Lingxin?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Chen Jiacheng was taken aback for a time. “You can’t even walk; how come you’re so well informed?”

“You can’t divorce them.” Jiang Shining had a headache.

“Why can’t I? I understand; I used to be a jerk in the past. Chen Jiacheng said, “We came all the way, and it’s really unfair to you that I see other women…”

“So many years have passed. Does it make sense to say this now?” Jiang Shining said.

Chen Jiacheng was taken aback.

“You… don’t mind?”

Jiang Shining breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a little sorry for the original owner.

“What if I don’t mind? I can’t make you change your mind. After so many years, no matter how much I mind, it’s gone.”

Chen Jiacheng was left speechless. After a time, he murmured, “…I just want to do something to make up for you.”

“Then don’t divorce them.” Jiang Shining said, “It’s refreshing to do things, but have you considered how the two of them will live when they leave? You have occupied the best and youngest days of the family, and you cannot abandon them now.”

“Okay, I’ll just listen to you.” Chen Jiacheng said a little angrily.

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