The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 50.6

He stood up and was about to walk out when he paused at the entrance and turned to face Jiang Shining.

“Yiru. Why do I think…you don’t love me like you used to?” he said quietly.

The person who loves and promises was Jiang Yiru, not Jiang Shining.

Jiang Shining lowered her eyelashes and concealed the expression in her eyes. She sighed quietly.

“Would I die for you if I didn’t love you?”

Chen Jiacheng felt relieved after hearing this response. He nodded and stepped outside.

Jiang Shining fell asleep again when he left. Her body doesn’t appear to be as good as it once was. She asked the maid to help her get to her bed and sleep.

This sleep was dizzy, and when Jiang Shining opened her eyes again, it was already night. There was no light in the room, which felt a little dull.

Jiang Shining blinked slowly, then noticed Sun Qinling staring at her from the table in her bedroom.

“What’s the matter with you?” Jiang Shining asked.

She wasn’t used to lying down when guests came over, so she propped herself up with her hands. But she wasn’t strong enough, and her legs were so heavy that she couldn’t move. Sun Qinling noticed and came over to help her move and let her lean on the pillow.

Sun Qinling merely sat near Jiang Shining’s bed.

“Why did you do this?”

“Do what?”

Sun Qinling clenched her teeth.

“Let Chen Jiacheng keep us.” She explained, “Do you not hate us? We are the two latecomers who took over your house, your husband, and all of your belongings… Do you not hate it?”

“I don’t hate it,” Jiang Shining said gently.

Sun Qinling was taken aback.

“You haven’t responded to my question yet. Why do you do this?”

“Where do you go when you go out?” Jiang Shining said flatly.

“How come you’re so thoughtful?”

“When have I hurt you?” Jiang Shining asked rhetorically.

Sun Qinling was speechless for a while.

“But at that time… I wanted to take your daughter, and you don’t keep grudges?”

Jiang Shining sighed quietly.

“Do you know who the world’s most pitiful person is, Sun Qinling?” she added, “It’s the poor person, and it’s the women. In this day and age, far too many women rely solely on men for survival. They have no way of living if men allow them to die.”

Sun Qinling thought she was sarcastic and asked back, “Aren’t you the same as us?”

 “So, we are all lamentable people.” Jiang Shining said calmly, “Since life is already so difficult, We should take care of each other.”

“You—” Sun Qinling looked at her with awe, “Are you really so free and at ease?”

Jiang Shining sighed quietly.

“I just hope we can get along in the future, okay?” she said, “If you like Chen Ruozhi, you can walk around and play with her, but…don’t do that kind of thing this time. Now that she’s grown up, she will hold grudges.”

Sun Qinling gazed at her with a complicated expression.

The woman was breathing quietly in the dim light, with her voice wavering slightly.

She stood up suddenly. Jiang Shining thought she was leaving, but Sun Qinling took two steps back and knelt down at her.

“You—what do you mean?” Jiang Shining asked in astonishment.

Sun Qinling knelt, but her demeanor remained arrogant and anxious.

“I’m sorry for the previous few years, Jiang Yiru!” She said, a little hesitantly, “Today, I owe you even more for this matter. I wouldn’t be able to live alone outside if Chen Jiacheng divorced me.”

“I see; you need to get up quickly.” Jiang Shining replied and her eyes welling up with tears.

“I haven’t even done speaking! I’ve only been able to accomplish this once in my life, and even if I break the sky, I can only be someone’s concubine. If there is a next life,” Sun Qinling stated thoughtfully, “I will absolutely repay you in the next life, and I will definitely work hard for you until I can repay you.”

Jiang Shining hopelessly sighed.

“Let us all live well in the future life, and don’t be this kind of dodder.”

“Okay!” Sun Qinling asserted. “You dare to love and hate. I believe I have persuaded you. I’ll go get some wine and toast you.”

“Would you like to worship me once more?” Jiang Shining said helplessly.

Sun Qinling burst out laughing.

The two concubines have lost all love for Chen Jiacheng since that day. Who could love a man who wanted to drive them away? They all treat him with the boss’s attitude.

Chen Jiacheng is also quite busy. He was previously defeated by the hero and must now restore his power.

Chen Jiacheng was not at home, so the three women raised three dolls joyfully.

What could be better than spending a man’s money and not having to deal with the man?

Another few years have passed over time.

Jiang Shining’s body is becoming increasingly frail. From the point of view of a character, she is the one who drew back from the gates of hell. In terms of tasks, she must prepare for death at the appropriate time.

And the children are growing in height. Chen Tanliang will be 16 years old this year, and he has an imposing appearance. Aside from the childishness between his brows and eyes, he appears to be a big guy from a distance. Chen Ruozhi is also twelve and nearly thirteen years old, and she is becoming increasingly quiet. She enjoys reading and studying with others.

She would read the book repeatedly, then she would write notes on it.

Chen Ruozhi wears two pigtails to school every day now that the school is becoming more standardized. After less than a month of study, she became bored. She had figured out all the textbooks she needed to study for a year in a month. When an old scholar saw her talent, he went to her house and welcomed her as his student. Every week, he would give her special lessons and teach her books beyond her age.

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