The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 50.7

The two brothers and sisters progressively diverged. Chen Ruozhi rose to the position of school tyrant, whereas Chen Tanliang was interested in various strategies and formations and the army. Chen Jiacheng frequently drove him to his army.

Jiang Shining returned to the Bureau of Transmigration in a dream on the night of Chen Tanliang’s sixteenth birthday.

“Dear No. 154800, congratulations on finishing the work of raising children. Next year, you will go; please use the last year to accomplish the finishing work,” the robot added.

Jiang Shining’s heart became heavy once she awoke.

Because living with a disability is so inconvenient, it appears that these days should be dull. However, Jiang Shining pursed his lips.

She is set to go through another separation.

The maid assisted Jiang Shining in changing her clothes in the morning. Jiang Shining had just gotten into a wheelchair when Chen Tanliang rushed in.

“Mom! Do you think I’m good looking?”

 Jiang Shining raised her eyes, and she was stunned.

Chen Tanliang stands tall and straight. He’s wearing a blue military outfit. His well-fitting military trousers are tucked into black boots that run the length of his long legs. The belt knotted around his waist with broad shoulders and a slender waist enhanced his appearance.

What a handsome young man.

“Really handsome,” Jiang Shining said with a smile.

Chen Tanliang took out his white gloves and proudly put them on himself.

“Father promised he’d get me a military outfit when I turned 18, and he did.” Even though the father and son had a strained relationship over the years, Chen Tanliang was overjoyed right now.

Once Chen Tanliang put on gloves, the maid in the room blushed.

Chen Tanliang approached the maid as she was ready to push Jiang Shining to eat.

“I’ll take care of it.”

Chen Tanliang pushed Jiang Shining forward down the corridor, and the two proceeded slowly. It’s spring now, and the garden is fragrant with flowers.

“I’ve already considered it. I’m going to give myself another five years to get stronger and better, and I’m going to use this time to make everyone follow me.”

“How come five years?”

Chen Tanliang’s gaze was fixed in front.

“I want to show everyone that I am stronger than my father. I want to be a better person than him,” he added gently.

Jiang Shining flashed a grin.

“You already are.”

When the two entered the dining room, Sun Qinling and Xu Lingxin began complimenting him.

“Aiyo, who is this Young Marshal? So tempting.”

Chen Tanliang’s ears had gone bright red.

He has become more composed over the years. He is as serious as an adult, aside from being a little more vivacious in front of Jiang Shining.

Chen Jiacheng began to take Chen Tanliang to the battlefield in good spirit.

Initially, it was only an occasional battle with bandits and gangsters. After a half-year period, the situation became increasingly difficult. When foreign enemies come to invade, all armies cease fighting and march out in unison.

Enemies are also beginning to approach the area around Winter City.

Chen Jiacheng did not want to put Chen Tanliang at risk. Chen Tanliang, on the other hand, has already demonstrated the temperament of a leader in the last six months. Chen Jiacheng’s generals are already old, and just a few people work alongside Chen Tanliang and his lieutenants.

Chen Jiacheng had no choice but to provide Chen Tanliang with men. He could only bite his silver teeth and swallow them in his stomach since he was really hesitant for his son to take risks.

Even though his eighteenth birthday was still a month away, the Young Marshal returned home.

He went to Jiang Shining’s room after making a special journey to see two concubines and younger siblings one by one.

Jiang Shining gave this young guy a tender look, and Chen Tanliang knelt alongside her.

The gory storm arrived, but Chen Tanliang’s eyes became red in front of his mother.

“Mom, this son is unfilial… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to return this time.”

Jiang Shining reached out and gently touched his face.

“Why not be filial when you are protecting the family and defending the country?” She chuckled, “Tanliang, you are my pride and joy. But all I want is that you make a small pledge to me…”

 “You say.”

 “Come back alive.”

Chen Tanliang clenched his fists. He appeared to want to agree directly, but in the end, he said, “…Excluding the possibilities of losing and surrendering in exchange for life, or leaving and attempting to survive, I will return even if I try my hardest!”

Jiang Shining was really helpless.

“Okay. I’ll wait for you to return victorious after the victory,” she said.

Chen Tanliang went when morning broke.

There was no news for three months after he left.

Jiang Shining couldn’t wait for his news. Her body was weakening. She coughed every day and night, and she eventually vomited blood. This type of thing, of course, cannot be relayed to the front lines, nor to Chen Ruozhi, who is studying with a scholar in another city. Only Sun Qinling and Xu Lingxin were by her side, but they couldn’t save her.

Sun Qinling stayed with her in her room one night. Jiang Shining had been in a coma for two days, but she could hear the clock ticking in her head.

This is the indication to finish the operation and leave right away.

Jiang Shining opened her eyes, began to vomit blood in the dark, and Sun Qinling clutched her hand during the commotion.

Jiang Shining glanced at Sun Qinling in front of her, and her fingertips turned white as she gripped Sun Qinling hard.

 She said hoarsely, “…!”

 “What did you say? I can’t hear…” Sun Qinling said anxiously.

Jiang Shining coughed out another mouthful of blood before muttering hoarsely, “The siblings, brothers and sisters!! Brother—cough-cough—”

“I know, I know!” Sun Qinling held Jiang Shining tremblingly, “With me, you don’t need to worry; even if I die, I will protect Tanliang and Ruozhi!!” The time has come.

Jiang Yiru died of illness at the Marshal’s Mansion around 11:00 p.m.

A few years later, after reincarnation.

Jiang Shining and Sun Qinling, or Feng Fuman, sat across and stared at each other.

“You— How have you been all these years?” Jiang Shining said, carefully opening her mouth.

Feng Fuman gave a gentle smile.

 “It’s perfect. After this old lady has money, I have taken care of several little white faces. No wonder men are so caring, so they enjoy it so much.”

Jiang Shining felt a bit helpless.

“Why did you come to me now? Did you encounter any difficulties?”

Feng Fuman arched her thin brow.

“I didn’t mean to stop looking for you. I just got back from China! This speed is not fast!” She expressed her dissatisfaction. “Why do I have to come to you for help when I run into problems? Take a look at my current coffee situation, then take another look at you! Excuse me.”

“Okay, you are amazing.” Jiang Shining smiled helplessly. “What is Miss Feng doing?”

Feng Fuman lifted her chin, pulled a contract from her bag, and handed it to Jiang Shining.

 “As promised, this old lady will do what she says.” Feng Fuman snorted softly, “Boss Jiang, sign me. I will help the poor.”

The author has something to say: This chapter is connected to chapter 48/49.

This article may have no villains because Jiang Shining is the biggest boss (?).


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