The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 53.1



Xu Qiu knelt. She carefully examined the cubs’ mouths and counted the missing teeth. Bai Sa lost one tooth, whereas the small fox lost two.

The locations of the teeth were important. Bai Sa’s little fangs on the side of his mouth were lost. There is now one more on the left side than on the right, which appears to be quite disproportionate.

Lily was even worse. She had her front teeth pulled. When Lily opened her mouth to speak, the air leaked out. It’s no surprise she had to cover her mouth earlier.

Xu Qiu comforted the two cubs: “It is normal to lose teeth. If the cubs’ teeth change, it means they are going to grow up a bit.”

When do human children begin to change their teeth?

Xu Qiu recalled that it appeared to be six years old, but the two cubs were only three years old, which seemed extremely young.

However, neither of them is a human cub.

The two cubs apparently lost their teeth around the same time because they were about the same age.

But Xu Qiu remembered that the cub had been fine the day before, so it was too coincidental that they had lost their teeth today.

Lily and Bai Sa are not twins like Ding Ding and Dong Dong are. There is no unique twin feeling.

When Xu Qiu finished speaking, the two cubs exchanged glances, but their attitudes improved just slightly.

Xu Qiu knew something was wrong this time: “What is the cause of your tooth loss? Is it possible that you ate too many sweet potatoes the day before?”

Xu Qiu’s face was filled with regret: “In fact, eating too many sweets is unhealthy for your teeth. You’re so young, but I put so much sugar in there… It’s completely my fault.”

“It has nothing to do with the principal la.”

When the small fox noticed Xu Qiu’s grief, she spoke quickly.

Because of the air leaks, her speech had a strange tone, as if she had a strong regional accent.

The cubs are all likeable, and Lily is a gorgeous girl, so it’s no surprise she hides without saying anything.

It’s morning reading time, and the cubs must read aloud. Her voice must be exposed when she opens her mouth.

 As for Bai Sa, although he is not a little girl, Bai Sa maintains a high-cold image on weekdays. People can see from his mouth that he has a broken tooth, and he wants to hide it as best he can.

Boys are also very face-saving.

“How could it have nothing to do with it? It must be because of eating too many sweets. I also give you guys a lot of sugar. From now on, you two can’t eat candy, pudding, and some foods with high sugar content. “

Xu Qiu didn’t give these cubs any hard food because it would be disastrous if they accidentally broke their teeth.

Even though the fried crunchy pancakes are tasty, she can only reduce the amount of them if she wants to give them to the cubs.

After all, sugar-coated shells can corrode not only people’s hearts but also their teeth.

“Why ya? Ya teeth didn’t fall out because of eating sugar, but because of Bai Sa!”

 Xu Qiu didn’t prepare many sweets for the cubs. So Lily’s little milky voice burst out when she heard this.

Bai Sa sighed, knowing Lily was unreliable and could easily sell him.

However, Bai Sa would be upset if the sweets were confiscated due to concealment.

“It was an accident, and I didn’t intend to do it.”

Bai Sa: “Last night, we accidentally collided with each other and knocked our teeth out.”

No, they both hit their teeth? Is it like a dog-blood TV show? The male and female protagonists bumped into the face?

Although both are young cubs, which are only about three years old, there is no need to think about love. If Jin Xingxing finds out, she will go crazy.

Xu Qiu’s expression changed.

Then Lily grumbled, adding, “It’s because Bai Sa is too fast, otherwise how could he hit me with his big size?”

Xu Qiu exhaled a sigh of relief, but luckily she hadn’t thought too much.

However, one thing is important: “Why didn’t you inform me after you bumped into each other?”

The two little cubs didn’t know how to say a word for such an important matter. If they were to change to Qing Sha or Yuan Jiu, the two of them would definitely shout.

After all, if the children cry, they will undoubtedly attract attention, even if they are extremely obedient.

“It wasn’t because there was nothing to do at the time,” Lily said quietly.

Bai Sa was much more organized and said calmly, “For us, a bump is not a big deal. The tooth fell out this morning, and it’s not necessarily because of the bump.”

Bai Sa began jumping in the room repeatedly yesterday since he ate too much and didn’t get enough exercise. Lily is a girl who values beauty; therefore, she worked out to avoid becoming a chubby little girl.

The two cubs collided and flew out due to their high speed.

The cubs looked soft, but they had hard and thick skin.

They are covered by thick fur, and they don’t want Xu Qiu to think they’re fragile.

Bai Sa cast another glance at Xu Qiu and added: “It is most definitely not because of the sweets. We brush our teeth at night, morning, and we rinse our mouths at lunchtime.”

According to Xu Qiu, if you don’t protect your teeth, there will be worms in your mouth, which will eat your teeth. However, they brush their teeth thoroughly, and there are no worms in their teeth.

They also don’t have cavities in their teeth. The teeth fell out.

Lily briefly agrees with Bai Sa’s comment that it has nothing to do with sweets, but she disagrees with the earlier statement.

“It was the one that hit my ya yesterday. It came to loose last night.”

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