The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 53.2

In fact, she had a loose tooth earlier, but she kept it under control and didn’t lick it.

But she had no idea that she would lose two teeth this time, both of which were front teeth.

It makes no difference to Bai Sa if he loses his teeth. As long as he keeps his mouth closed carefully and waits for the new teeth to grow, he will be fine.

Lily’s eyes trembled just thinking about it, and she wanted to cry.

Lily’s teeth are bald, which isn’t very attractive, but Xu Qiu is certain that Lily’s teeth will grow as a cub. She can even use 3D printing technology to create a new tooth for Lily.

However, if Lily wears dentures, it will affect the growth of Lily’s teeth.

The originals are undoubtedly superior to the imitations when it comes to teeth.

Xu Qiu was not a trained doctor, so she did not offer any expert advice on this matter.

Whether the cubs lost their teeth or were harmed, Xu Qiu was determined to give the cubs a thorough examination.

Right now, it is not realistic to invite a doctor.

When Xu Qiu remembered the high-tech, she took a step back and contacted Donald via Star Network.

“Donald, can you bring a treatment cabin over there?”

The latter shook his head: “No, this thing is in the hands of the official.”

They don’t have a lot of space here because it’s a planet whose resources have been depleted, and the government controls certain very important items.

Even if you can obtain obsolete equipment, the cargo may be seized when it is time to sail.

They took such a big risk that it would not be worth the harm if they were locked up.

“Is anyone hurt over there? Why don’t I look for a doctor for you and ask them to go there?”

 “Don’t let him come over!”

The cubs have very sharp ears, and they seem particularly repulsed when they hear this sentence.

Donald was taken aback by the appearance of her fluffy face on the screen.

Lily instinctively covered her mouth with her paws when she noticed Donald’s shocked expression.

Bai Sa said, like a little adult: “If the principal doesn’t want the doctor to die, don’t let outsiders come here.”

When Bai Sa noticed Xu Qiu’s disapproving expression, he added, “Everyone is very repulsed by that kind of person. Maybe it will get out of control.”

He continued, saying: “In fact, there should be testing equipment in this area. Can you look for it, principal? Everyone should not be so repulsive if it were you.”

He had been having so much fun that he had almost forgotten about the cold syringes, the cold equipment with their flashing red and green lines.

Those people feed them very carefully, but they never consider the cubs’ opinions when it comes to checking.

When cold instruments are inserted into their mouths, there is always a feeling of nausea and aversion.

Bai Sa felt nauseated just thinking about that scene.

During this period, he has also studied a lot about health and hygiene and knows that doctors are not evil people. Most of them are wonderful people who save lives and heal the injured.

But there will always be some scum in every profession…

In any event, they may require examination and treatment.

Bai Sa brought his attention back to Xu Qiu and suggested: “Let’s not bother asking the principal to come. Instead, let the little robot assistants show up. They are more resistant to being beaten.”

They can repair the robot assistant quickly if the chip is not broken, but Xu Qiu is different. The principal is too frail, and being gravely harmed is not good.

Speaking of robots, Xu Qiu finally remembered the system with hindsight.

“008, you can scan human bodies. Can you check their health status?”

[At this point, the host considers other people. You just think about 800, not 008.]

“I only have a 008 system, which is you. Where did the 800 come from?”

[It’s 00 thanks]

With those words, 008 has spawned a new mission.

[Main quest 887, establish a primary clinic]

[Side mission: Take care of your teeth from a young age and do a dental health check on the kindergarten members 0/10]

“Where will the clinic be constructed?”

The four-leaf clover flew off Xu Qiu’s neck and pointed to the cubs’ dormitories.

Xu Qiu moved over, following the system’s instructions, and stopped in front of the unoccupied area.

“Built it here?”

Xu Qiu assumed the system would build the clinic and the cubs’ dormitories outside.

Small clinics are continually being renovated and have the potential to grow into huge hospitals.

There is no hope for living doctors, but robot doctors can still count on it.

[Who said we would build a new clinic? Haven’t you heard what Bai Sa said? There used to be one here?]

They can directly repair the old equipment.

The system said: [Try to look down.]

Xu Qiu lowered her head and gazed down at the ground.

It’s a complete metal plate, so what’s the problem?

Bai Sa said, “Under the ground.”

The research institute’s equipment must be properly sealed and hidden; therefore, they are built beneath rather than on top.

At around the same time, Xu Qiu could hear 008’s voice.

[The metal you are stepping on is the door leading to the underground!]

If it hadn’t been for the cubs suddenly losing their teeth and what they said triggering a secret plot, Xu Qiu would have had no idea that in such a small kindergarten space, there is also a floor below ground in addition to 400 square metres above the ground.

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