I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 51.2

The handsome man and beautiful woman stood side by side. The man seemed to be a bit older, but thanks to careful grooming, there were not too many marks of the years on his face, and there was more elegance and stability that young people lacked.

The lady is relatively youthful, like a flower that has just bloomed, gorgeous and delicate.

If Jiang Tao hadn’t paced back and forth not far away, and You Qiuqiu hadn’t opened her lips and said, “There are a lot of mosquitoes here,” it seems to be a bit of an idol drama.

Cui Jiannan: “Then stand for a few moments and go.”

“Qiuqiu, you seem to be avoiding me.”

“What did I do wrong? What makes you feel uneasy?”

You Qiuqiu were still pondering how to bring this up when Cui Jiannan took the lead.

He leaned comfortably on the railing and smiled at her.

Cui Jiannan didn’t intend to push You Qiuqiu, so she shook her head first, then pondered for a long time, and eventually spoke after a few minutes.

“Jiannan Ge, the company I signed with is a small one. Because of the company’s small size, the CEO is also quite demanding of us. He has strict requirements for us, so we must concentrate on our jobs and refrain from engaging in activities unrelated to our careers.”

“If we cross the line, it will end badly.”

You Qiuqiu murmured quietly to Mr. Sheng in her heart: I’m sorry! You have to carry this pot first!

 But she couldn’t help it and couldn’t think of suitable rhetoric for a while.

You Qiuqiu intended to soothe Jiannan Ge’s inappropriateness by hinting, but she couldn’t come up with anything. You must be a decent person or something, since the other party has not explicitly voiced her friendliness toward you.

She said this… Jiannan Ge should understand what she’s saying, right?

You Qiuqiu were dramatic, even blaming Sheng Shiyun, which showed that the company would not allow you to fall in love and that you should concentrate on your profession.

She did, however, stare at Cui Jiannan with some hesitation and hope, hoping that the other person would comprehend what she meant.

Cui Jiannan clearly didn’t get it.

He frowned. “Which company did you sign with?”

“This is too unreliable.”

“You’re an actor, not a celebrity; why should they restrict your freedom?”

Cui Jiannan is well-versed in industrial regulations. Idol professions, such as Fang Shubai, are popular right now. They agree with the company to sell a little of boyfriend characters, and it is forbidden to do anything out of the ordinary during the agreement time.

But, given that You Qiuqiu is an actress, why does the company have such a rule?

Some actors are even experiential, which means they need to have real-life experiences before acting. For example, if they wish to play a doctor, they may go to the hospital for a while and watch the doctor’s job and life. They will even follow the whole procedure if they have such an issue.

Cui Jiannan didn’t know whose company You Qiuqiu was contracting with today, but they shouldn’t limit an actor no matter who it was. If You Qiuqiu were an experiential group, the company would be absurd and unreasonable!

Cui Jiannan: “Would you want to come to my studio? My side benefits are all legal in the industry, and there aren’t too many restrictions and regulations.”

He is relatively modest. Cui Jiannan’s studio is mainly for Cui Jiannan. He has been the first male lead for over ten years and has received Best Actor Awards both domestically and overseas, and the crew is equally excellent.

You Qiuqiu who was faced with such an invitation:??

No, she is not changing companies.

Why did the discussion go so far away from the center?

You Qiuqiu was on the verge of bursting. She shifted the subject when she declined to go to Cui Jiannan’s studio to sign a contract.

“Your work is much appreciated by my whole family. I’ve been a fan of your TV shows for as long as I can remember.”

As a result, she regards Cui Jiannan in the same way as a younger generation does an elder. There is no connection between men and women, and there never will be. Even if the other person has, she will be uncomfortable and afraid.

Cui Jiannan hesitated before asking, “Qiuqiu, do you want to say you grew up watching my TV series?”

He finally remembered it. “You… don’t think that I have other feelings for you?”

You Qiuqiu blinked: Huh?

Look at this meaning…

There seems to be a misunderstanding?

That’s great.

Cui Jiannan rested his palm on his brow, realizing why You Qiuqiu used to be quite comfortable with him, but now she finds him strange.

He made her misunderstand that he had other ideas about her.

Cui Jiannan reflects on his behavior today, and he knows he has to make others believe the wrong thing.

However –

“Qiuqiu, don’t worry. I have no feelings for you or regard you as a woman.”

Cui Jiannan’s expression was open and sincere.

He is about forty years old, whereas You Qiuqiu is a young woman in her early twenties. Cui Jiannan believes he is not a good person, but he is also not a nasty person.

He really treats You Qiuqiu as a junior.

You Qiuqiu became calm after seeing his positive response.

Cui Jiannan: “You remind me a lot of my sister.”

You Qiuqiu’s sigh of relief returned.

In her thoughts, a tune began to play on loop.

“How many good sisters do you have…”

Cui Jiannan saw similar doubt in You Qiuqiu’s eyes. He closed his eyes and opened them again. With a sorrowful look on his face, he talked to You Qiuqiu in a dreamy voice.

“My sister’s name is Cui Xiangbei.”

“But she died fifteen years ago when you were your age.”

His gaze was drawn to You Qiuqiu’s face.

You Qiuqiu got an unexpected answer.

Cui Jiannan cares so much about You Qiuqiu because he finds a resemblance to his late sister in her.

Cui Jiannan later summarised his sister in a few lines.

More than 70% of the nation know Cui Jiannan’s name or are acquainted with him, yet very few know anything about his sister.

You Qiuqiu did not know he had a younger sister.

Cui Jiannan is from a typical household, and his parents are farmers, yet their children are both literary and artistic. Cui Jiannan is handsome and graceful, but Cui Xiangbei is lovely but impatient, and she likes rock music.

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