I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 51.3

Cui Jiannan rapidly rose to fame as a popular young student at the time due to his hard work. Cui Xiangbei seemed keen to attempt to become well known in the entertainment industry. Her ideal is not the same as her brother’s, and she wants to form her rock band.

However, this was opposed by Cui Jiannan.

“The more I remain in the circle, the more I realize how chaotic and tiring it is and how many useless things there are. I didn’t understand why Xiangbei wanted to leap in at the moment, so I made a mistake.”

“Despite repeated persuasion, she did not abandon her views. I broke up with Xiangbei after saying some harsh words to her.”

What he stated was severe, and Cui Jiannan himself didn’t understand why he was so extreme at that time.

Why doesn’t she use his connections to get around? And what else do you have aside from Cui Jiannan’s sister?

But she’s a brilliant young lady, so why did he crush her ambitions at that time?

Cui Xiangbei shook her head angrily and said that she had no intention of entering the entertainment industry in the name of Cui Jiannan’s sister.

“Look at me, brother. I will become more popular than you, and you’ll tell people that you’re Cui Xiangbei’s big brother.”

Cui Jiannan recalled his sister having a boyish hairstyle at the time, and her eyes had the same upward movement as her hair.

That was their final meeting, although Cui Jiannan had been keeping a calm eye on his sister at the time.

He discovered that his sister had created a band, named it Beibei, chopped her hair even shorter, like a hedgehog, and sang with her teammates to engage in events, hooking shoulders.

He saw that his sister’s band didn’t perform as much as he had expected, but they did a fantastic job. Cui Xiangbei never revealed to the public that he was her brother.

Then, just as her band was gaining momentum and looking like they might be ready to take the next step, there was a major traffic accident.

“It’s been fifteen years.”

“In the first several years, I suffered from insomnia nearly all night and couldn’t sleep. I wondered whether I was doing anything wrong.”

 “I’m sure I was wrong.”

“I really want to go back fifteen years and take away everything I have today, and I am prepared to go back fifteen years.”

“Then I’ll tell Beibei, if you want to accomplish it, brother will back you, and brother will offer the greatest resources to help you with all my power.” Don’t leave any regrets behind.

Cui Jiannan’s tone and expression were reserved, yet every word conveyed a sense of tremendous melancholy.

You Qiuqiu aren’t exceptionally skilled at comforting others. Throughout the whole period, she remained silent. When she observed Cui Jiannan staring at her as a listener, she added, “The dead are gone, and so are the living.”

With some caution.

There is nothing to empathize with, especially in losing family members, and no amount of comfort is too small.

“You remind me a lot of Beibei, Qiuqiu.”

Cui Jiannan looked at You Qiuqiu with kind eyes, as if he saw someone else through her.

You Qiuqiu, “…” She was restless and unable to stand.

It’s all over, and the script has shifted from a possible love script to a stand-in stalk.

Cui Jiannan showed a photograph of Cui Xiangbei to You Qiuqiu.

She grinned freely at the camera while wearing a leather jacket and having an inch head.

She looked like a charming elder sister with a mature appearance.

Even though it has been fifteen years, it is entirely outdated.


“I don’t believe I’m quite like Xiangbei Jiejie. She’s so enthusiastic, and I’m so sluggish…” Cui Xiangbei has single eyelids, You Qiuqiu has double eyelids, Cui Xiangbei has short hair, and You Qiuqiu has long hair.

If there is a common point, the arc of the grin is likely similar?

You Qiuqiu’s response was a smash hit.

Cui Jiannan: “You have a lot in common.”

He got rid of his melancholy feelings, reverted to his previous tenderness, and followed suit.

“Qiuqiu, don’t worry. I want to make up for my heart’s regrets, and I want to see where Xiangbei will go if I guard it properly…”

“You only need to let me know when you are available. Talk, come out to get together once in a while if we are in one city. If you’re worried and can’t get together, it’s okay.”

You Qiuqiu took two steps back, “Jiannan Ge is pretending that I am a sister to make up for the regret? “

“I’m sorry…but my name is You Qiuqiu, not Cui Xiangbei.”

She has a lovely face that is at the top of the circle, but she is not a competent Buddhist, like a pebble with no edges or corners.

You Qiuqiu politely but firmly rejected Cui Jiannan’s suggestion.

She said that she was not Cui Xiangbei but rather You Qiuqiu.

Nobody can ever replace anyone. You Qiuqiu has known this since she was a child.

As a child, she raised a goose-yellow duckling that made a lot of noise. However, it is warm in her palm, and You Qiuqiu enjoys it.

The young duck eventually traveled to Duck Planet. You Qiuqiu, an elementary school monk, cried a lot. Her father wanted to buy her another one, but when she got to the market, there were a bunch of young yellow ducks, making You Qiuqiu immediately change her mind.

It wasn’t her small duck, the little duck with white fur on its head, who would chase her down.

Cui Jiannan was taken aback. He told You Qiuqiu, “I’m not sure whether to call you foolish or smart, Qiuqiu. Do you realize what you’re rejecting?”

She rejects the connections he has made over the years, a worry-free future, and large sums of money.

Do you want to get wealthy overnight?

Perhaps the door Cui Jiannan opened for You Qiuqiu will help her to see this.

“It’s getting late. Jiannan Ge goes to bed early,” You Qiuqiu said, looking out at dusk.

Her preserved egg and lean meat porridge will most likely be cold.

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