The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 54.1

The two cubs followed Xu Qiu as she looked for a method to open the door, and two little furry heads poked out from behind the door to stare at her.

“You go back to the classroom first. Everyone is still waiting in the classroom,” she said, waving her hand.

The sky is big, and the class is even bigger.

Even if the clinic can be set up quickly, she will not check the cubs immediately.

“Oh… Principal, we’re going.”

Lily’s tone dragged and she seemed hesitant.

“Let’s go, let’s go, but don’t be too quick. Be cautious so that we don’t fall again.”

If you hit your teeth again, it will not only harm your appearance, but will also have a major impact on your life.

“We’re really leaving.”

 “The class would end if you didn’t go now.”

Xu Qiu straightened up and approached the door. Lily assumed Xu Qiu was on her way to catch her.

When Xu Qiu arrived at the door, she fled without looking back.

Bai Sa wasn’t in a rush. Obviously, the incident of the two people colliding yesterday cast a psychological shadow over him, and he didn’t move till Lily departed.

On the other hand, the kitten’s pace was not at all slower than the fox’s. In an instant, a white shadow swept by Xu Qiu’s side and vanished at the classroom door.

Xu Qiu chuckled as she glanced down at the fluff on the ground.

She walked back to the office first, pulling out a pair of insulated gloves, a raincoat, and a stick pointer from under the desk.

Metal sticks are stronger and safer, but they are not suitable because of the electrocution effect.

There is no doctor in the kindergarten, and she is unsure whether she will be rescued if she is electrocuted.

[Host, please have faith in the system’s capabilities!]

After spending so much time with Xu Qiu, 008 could tell what she was thinking.

It could keep Xu Qiu from traveling across time and space, so why should it be concerned about other threats?

Xu Qiu grinned and comforted: “You can use a knife, which may be used to slaughter a chicken and you are really strong. But you need to save your energy for greater problems, right?”

However, the system reminded her that she alone is not enough, but she can’t let the cubs take risks.

Xu Qiu pulled up her sleeves and checked her watch. This quartz watch had journeyed through time and was still running very well.

After she realized she had been sleeping for three thousand years, she wanted to sell some antiques to earn some money. However, because of the unregistered resident status, the watch can only be hidden in system space, and she does not dare to disclose it to others.

Although life in kindergarten resources is relatively simple, with no recreational activities, it is sufficiently safe.

Xu Qiu drew her gaze away from her memories and returned to the kindergarten, near the robot charging area.

The small robot helpers were charging themselves since it was not working hours. Xu Qiu strolled around the charging area, selecting five to six robots whose energy levels were over 60% and allowing them to enter the dormitory area.

“So, what should I do now? How can I get the door open? Is it necessary for me to lift it?”

It seems that such a large board has been stuck in the soil, and she is unable to locate a suitable location to lift it. Since it’s difficult to locate a location to raise it, she digs out the surrounding soil with a shovel.

[A password is required to open the door.]

The system stated: [The monitoring equipment is being fixed. Please continue to wait. Repair 10%, 20%,… 80%, 90%, 100%. Once the repair is done, please input the password]

This door lock uses fingerprint recognition and pupil pattern passwords, but her password may be entered.

Xu Qiu scanned the system requirements and then leaped forward in time.

The hefty metal door created a loud rumbling sound, similar to a sliding door smoothly pulling to both sides and then revealing a dark entryway.

Xu Qiu had a look, and the entry was down the steps.

[First, let the robot test the underground air]

The results of the tests show that the underground air fulfills human life requirements. This is an abandoned laboratory. Personnel has long since been evacuated, and important specimens have been emptied.

Xu Qiu activated the backup energy generator per 008’s directions, and as the machine began to rumble, the lights in front of her all switched on.

[The underground room is roughly 1,000 square meters bigger than the above-ground kindergarten, and the clinic area has to be repaired.]

The energy required to get started was clearly insufficient to operate the whole underground area. The two lights in the aisle where Xu Qiu was walking were turned on, but both sides were pitch dark.

The little robot aides encircled her. Their faces were shown on the screen, and the brightness was set to the maximum setting. They were like bright beings, constantly lighting Xu Qiu’s path.

Xu Qiu was able to clearly examine the construction in those closed rooms because of these light sources. It is full of science fiction in this area, and the temperature is cold without a source of light.

Xu Qiu didn’t like it, and she expected the cubs to dislike it as well.

Although she was exploring unfamiliar locations, there was no living life in the underground area, and the journey was reasonably pleasant, save for a little scary at the beginning.

008’s map navigation comes to a halt in front of a door.

[Now that you’ve arrived at your goal, please fix the clinic.]

“What should I do?”

When Xu Qiu opened the door, there was a bed in the room, as well as other equipment she had never seen or known about. There is a massive shelf fixed immediately on the wall that takes up the full wall space, yet it contains nothing.

[Turn on the power supply, explore the clinic, and clean the inside]

The dust was everywhere, although it was obviously a closed space. When Xu Qiu opened the door, she was choked by the dust. Fortunately, she had first put on a face mask and protective glasses, and her clothing was suitable enough.

There were water pipes from the pup’s dormitory area into the underground area. She has to restart the electricity and examine the diagnostic equipment.

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