The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 54.2

She rapidly cleaned up the room until it became a sparking new room after unlocking the door with the assistance of a robotic aide.

[Task 888: The medical room cleaning has been done, and the system is searching for available equipment that may be used]

008’s sound is still a recognizable mechanical sound.

[Abandoned treatment cabin +1, empty test tube +20, one optical brain equipment…]

“Are these things repairable?”

[As long as energy is available]

Even though the barren star is a small star, it is not devoid of life. In reality, there is an abundance of energy on the planet, which is really beneficial to the system.

The system may take advantage of the energy-related to this underground area.

[The detecting equipment may be replaced with dental-specific equipment.]

In Xu Qiu’s head, the system projected some data.

[After dismantling the old equipment here, it is recommended that it be changed in the following ways.]

The method was much like the previous building of robot assistance. She must deconstruct the necessary pieces of metal and other materials and then rebuild them into new creations using the blueprints.

Because the scrapped robots have offensive and defensive functions, they may be used to build the clinic, using all the metal pieces included in medical equipment that can be used or changed.

[Repair clinic (expected 24 hours), do you confirm the repair?]

At this point, the big fox’s voice could be heard.

“Principal? It’s your time to teach the class. Where have you gone?”

After Jin Xingxing completed her lesson, it was Xu Qiu’s turn, but she had to wait for a long time because Xu Qiu had not arrived yet .

“Wait for a second; I’ll be right there.”

Xu Qiu asked 008

“Do you need to use all the twelve robots to repair the clinic?”

This kind of task always feels very disadvantageous. If the robot is required to complete a long-term mission, she will need to work overtime.

“If we work together, we will be more efficient, and the repair will be finished within 24 hours.”

Xu Qiu decided: “Just use the first half of the robot assistants.”

In the beginning, Xu Qiu split up three attacking and three defensive robots. Then, she helped them move the charging power source to the underground area and make preparations before they came out of the ground.

“Teacher Jin, the garden around the cubs’ dorms is temporarily closed, and the scheduled dinner party has been canceled.”

Xu Qiu cast a glance towards the door. The cubs had to go through the old entrance to get to the new dormitories.

She instinctively felt that this area should not be seen by the cubs just before the underground clinic was rebuilt.

As a result, the cubs saw an extra wall in the dormitory area that night.

Pieces of cloth are strung together by ropes, and the bells and whistles are rather attractive.

Xu Qiu emphasized it again: “The back of the wall is currently being renovated. Don’t go in and disturb the robot assistants, okay?”


“Did the principal come up with anything new?”

The cubs like the kindergarten’s new facilities, whether it’s the dining pavilion, the brand-new student dormitory, or the manufacturing workshop that springs up behind.

What will the new building look like? Their eyes are bright and giddy with excitement.

“Yes, it’s a new facility. However, it is still being maintained. Okay, everyone, get some rest and you’ll find out in two days.”

Jin Xingxing knocked on Xu Qiu’s door after the cubs went to their respective rooms.

 “Principal, are you there?”

“What’s wrong?” said Xu Qiu as she answered the door.

“I have something I want to speak to you about alone,” Jin Xingxing grinned. “Is it convenient for me to come in?”

“Let’s get out there and chat. The moon today is quite bright at night, so it’s an excellent time to go for a stroll.”

Of course, Jin Xingxing has no opinion: “That’s fine too.”

The two of them stepped out the door, and Jin Xingxing asked bluntly, “Principal, you seem to have something on your mind?”

“Is it obvious?” Xu Qiu said, unintentionally touching her face.

“Of course, you are very easy to understand.”

The others in the circle wore heavy masks on their faces to hide their feelings, but Xu Qiu’s joys and sorrows were visible on her face.

She has always been an optimist, and she makes an effort not to bring her bad feelings into her kindergarten environment.

This time, though, she seemed really concerned.

For this matter, the cubs behaved very well tonight.

Xu Qiu was a little embarrassed: “Ah, did I worry everyone?”

Jin Xingxing was an adult, so it shouldn’t matter to tell her.

Xu Qiu said, “That’s right. The new clinic was built at the back of the dormitory today.”

Jin Xingxing’s first reaction was, “Ah, that’s fine. We don’t need to be worried about small injuries in the future.”

“Have you ever seen any cub that enjoys the hospital?” Xu Qiu said softly.

She was already extremely good as a child, but she didn’t have a positive impression of the hospital clinic as a child.

Because going to the hospital means getting injections, taking medicine, smelling disinfectant, and hearing other children scream.

“Although there is a clinic, there is no medical staff, so the work of examining the cubs is still done by the two of us.”

“Ah…” Jin Xingxing’s tone began to become subtle, and the picture of the ghost crying from the hospital’s children’s section flashed across her thoughts.

“And this time, when Lily and Bai Sa collided, their teeth were affected. The most critical aspect to examine is the teeth. “

Jin Xingxing’s hair would have erupted long ago if she were in fox form.

Dental! Dentistry is the most terrifying thing in the hospital! Even as an adult, she was terrified of the dentist.

Getting injections and taking medicine is not nearly as frightening as extracting teeth. The dentist is the world’s most terrible doctor, and they are cub murderers!

When she heard about dentistry, she had the urge to run away.

Even if there wasn’t a tooth extraction, she didn’t want to go to the dentist.

Jin Xingxing seems to have staged a scenario in which she opens her mouth, saliva comes out, and the doctor knocks her teeth out.

After all, their children are often terrified of the word “dental” in many places.

“I recall you appear to have acted in medical-related screenplays,” Xu Qiu said. “You should have a lot of experience in this area. I believe you are qualified to do this task.”

Jin Xingxing leaped up, her head trembling like a rattle, and her fists waved in the air, pushing and resisting repeatedly. “No, no, I can’t!”


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