The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 51.1

Jiang Shining merely informed the family in their WeChat group that she’d be late getting home and dining out at night. Then the phone was put away.  

She and Feng Fuman went out to dinner and drinks at a restaurant. In this life, Feng Fuman is 29 years old. She earned a foreign film festival award last year for her role in a literary film about the love tale of people on the outskirts of the city.

“Hey, this is how I’ve spent my life. It’s better in modern times. There’s less fighting and killing, and it’s also more advanced,” Feng Fuman stated as she poured herself a glass of wine.

“Are you in a relationship right now, or are you married?” Jiang Shining asked. She recalled Feng Fuman’s internet rumours about her boyfriend were a truckload many, but she didn’t remember her confirming her relationship.

“I’m not married. I’m just in love. Feelings and love are all tiring. Guys are all the same in my eyes. I don’t want to marry anybody,” Feng Fuman murmured gently.

They drank, and Feng Fuman informed her about her life experiences throughout the years. Maybe she was constantly beneath the roof in her previous existence, but Feng Fuman had had a tough life in this one. She speaks quickly and never wants to wrong herself.

“The world has changed, and I can’t be the same person I used to be.” Feng Fuman sipped the wine while resting her elbow on the table and murmured quietly, “There are a lot of big bosses that like me, you know? I could sleep with any two of them and instantly become twice as famous as I am today. But I’m sick of it. I may have said yes in a previous life, but not this time. It was too exhausting to have to look at a man’s face to survive, so I decided to depend on myself instead.”

Jiang Shining just wanted to praise Feng Fuman’s keen awareness when she heard her remark, “… No one is attractive. Can’t I raise some handsome boys myself if I had the time?”

 “Okay, just live a happy life.”

“How are you doing, ah? Do you still have feelings for Chen Jiacheng in this life?” Feng Fuman asked.

Jiang Shining then gave her a brief explanation of her mission and the current situation, which caused Feng Fuman to freeze.

“No wonder you seemed to be a different person back then, no wonder……” Feng Fuman stroked her chin. “You are a ruthless person. Thankfully, I did not offend you at that time. If you don’t want to fall in love, you can wrap a little fresh meat.”

What are you wrapping?

Jiang Shining’s company has a plethora of fresh meat trainees, and she has a plethora of her own fresh meat at home. She’s looking for a boyfriend and fresh meat? No, no, no, she has enough sons.

She was about to speak when the phone in her bag rang.

When she unlocked it, she discovered that Jing Yuan was calling. She took it up because she assumed he had something to say.


“Hey, Mom, with whom are you eating dinner? What are you eating?”


“Eating with friends, don’t bother me if you have nothing else to do ah,” Jiang Shining said helplessly.

“Is it male or female, ah? Will you return tonight?”

Jiang Shining abruptly hung up the phone.

“I have three sons and two daughters at home now and two sons out there who have not appeared yet,” she desperately said, raising her head and meeting Feng Fuman’s teasing stare.

“Then you are really not suitable to have a small fresh meat.” Feng Fuman smirked.”By the way, are Chen Tanliang and Chen Ruozhi with you?” she suddenly remembered something.

Jiang Shining nodded, knowing precisely what Feng Fuman meant. “Let’s meet in a couple of days.”

Feng Fuman then gladly refilled the wine glasses for each of them.

“You say that both of us have appeared, and your children have appeared. Will Chen Jiacheng also appear?”

“From the other worlds, one has already appeared.” Jiang Shining said, “Xiu Lingfei, from the Longteng company, was the emperor in his previous life. My mission in the first world was to be his consort.”

Feng Fuman nearly choked when she heard about the big melon.

“That Xiu Lingfei, too, is ah! Longteng’s arrogance is understandable given that their boss is an emperor.” She looked up and realised she had forgotten something. “I saw the award ceremony when I previously searched for you… It’s no surprise he felt the need to touch you. Then the black material on the Internet became public —”

“A little back. Can’t we both just not speak about them?” Jiang Shining said, shrugging her shoulders.

 “I’m just surprised.” Feng Fuman tsked, “You’re really talented, five men from the messed up worlds. How did you manage to stay alive? Will you still be attracted to the other gender?”

Jiang Shining let out a quiet sigh. She gulped a glass of wine before saying, “It’s difficult.”

In fact, she was a really simple girl in the beginning. When she died, she was in her early twenties, and her longing for love was definitely sweet and pure. Consequently, she has encountered a wide range of people in various worlds. Men are too fickle, and they are much worse when they have power. Jiang Shining and these people hobnobbing together one by one. How can she still be in the mood to fall in love again?

Her wonderful and pure love fantasy at the time has now been used to look after her own children. In this universe, she seems to have evolved into a young Buddhist ancestor with many children and grandchildren. It is tough for her to be tempted by ordinary men anymore.

Feng Fuman is the same. She has no desire to marry and has no passion for love. She just wants to take complete control of the initiative of love to feel at ease.

The two wonderful women sighed.

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