The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 51.2

Feng Fuman said, “Let’s not go into it. Let’s get down to business. Even though you have signed me, I have decided to set my own development for the future. You don’t have to intervene. You can just share the profits and sit at home.”

“Are you really that nice?” Jiang Shining expressed her disbelief.

“I said that I was coming to help the poor.” Feng Fuman sighed and rolled her eyes. “With me, you’ll steal the light. I know many people. My resources are not only domestic but also foreign. I’ll be glad to bring your company to the international level.”

“I’m delighted; I’ll rely on you from now on.” Jiang Shining coaxed her.

Feng Fuman sat there listening, pleased and at ease.

At this time, Jing Yuan called her again, and Jiang Shining hung up.

Chen Tanliang called as well, but to show the same treatment, Jiang Shining hung up as well.

“Did your son do a background check on the guys around you?”

Jiang Shining was helpless. When the phone rang again, she was just about to hang up, but saw that it was Chen Ruozhi. No way, she can only connect.

“Ruozhi, what’s the matter?”

Feng Fuman’s eyes gleamed as she heard Chen Ruozhi’s name.

“Who are you eating with, Mom? My brothers are concerned about you.”

“I’ll be a few hours late, but I won’t die. You guys are too worried.” Jiang Shining said, “I’m having dinner with your aunt Sun Qinling.”

“What? Aunt Ling?” Chen Ruozhi said happily, “Mom, you found her!”

Jiang Shining simply gave the phone to Feng Fuman, and Feng Fuman quickly took it.

“Hello, sweetie… it’s been a while. How are things going for you? Tanliang, how about you? Wonderful.” Feng Fuman was instantly swept up in the sparkle of parental love. “Don’t be concerned; your mother and I are eating. There is no male, and I am not going to eat her. I’m not very good at it… You and your brother can’t do this. If there is really serious business, don’t you delay your mother’s soaking with a rich and good-looking guy? “

Jiang Shining: “…Sun Qinling!”

The three sons who were listening to the loudspeaker on the other end of the phone were deafeningly quiet.

What’s the business of soaking with the rich and good-looking guy?

 “No.” Jing Yuan said, “Mom is just twenty-four years old; she is still a child. If you fall in love too soon, it’s easy to be deceived by scumbags. I think it would be suitable if it is ten years later.”

Jiang Shining on the other end of the phone had blue veins on her forehead.

“Do you want me to whip you, Chu Jing Yuan?”

Chen Tanliang also said seriously, “Soaking with a rich and good-looking guy is not a serious business.”

“Oh, it’s Tanliang. I haven’t heard your voice in a long time. It’s quite lovely. Please say a couple more words to Aunt Ling. Did you miss me? Call a little mum to me?” Feng Fuman said quickly over the phone.

Chen Tanliang’s lips pursed in embarrassment.

“Sun Qinling, don’t tease my son!” Jiang Shining said helplessly.

I can’t talk anymore.

Chen Ruozhi cleared her throat and finished swiftly.

“Well, then you have a good meal. We won’t bother you for the time being. Let’s meet Aunt Ling the next time we get the opportunity. Goodbye.”

She then abruptly hung up the phone.

Chen Ruozhi raised her head and saw the three eldest brothers were deep in thought.

“What are you thinking?” Chen Ruozhi asked.

“You said… Does our mother mean to place more emphasis on women than on men?” Jing Yuan said, touching his chin.

“Too many sons are worthless.” Chen Tanliang said quietly.

The two suddenly fell into a low and negative state.

Jing Xuan took two steps back.

“This eldest son has a lot on his mind. I won’t stay with you anymore. I’m going upstairs to write.”

“I’ll grind the ink for you.” Chen Ruozhi said quickly.

Two seconds later, two children slipped away.

Jing Yuan considered this a serious matter, and he needed to speak with Jiang Shining about the topic of men and women.

He opened the v letter, clicked on Jiang Shining’s avatar, and sent an emoji first.

Then he discovered that he was being blocked.

Jing Yuan:…

This winter, my heart is very cold.


On the other hand, Jiang Shining and Feng Fuman discussed various aspects of future collaboration.

Jiang Shining suddenly remembered something.

“By the way, I’m working on a variety show here; would you want to be a part of it?” Jiang Shining offered her a brief overview of the variety show’s content, saying, “It’s simply completing everyday duties while seeing the sparks of two different celebrity couples.”

“Who will take part?”

Feng Fuman’s eyes brightened up as Jiang Shining presented her with the name list.

“Not bad; I’ll take part.” She was extremely straightforward.

 Jiang Shining knew that she must be interested in a certain male artist.

“Don’t do anything too wild on the programme. I’ll clean it up for you when the time comes, edit your highlights and strengths in post-production, and let everyone know more about you.”

“Where did you get the money to do so many things?” Feng Fuman couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Xuan Yuan Video’s president is also my son.” Jiang Shining spread out her hands. ” He’s got a wonderful late-stage crew.”

Feng Fuman: “…”

Feng Fuman: “I regret it. I ask for three times the salary.”

Jiang Shining smiled sinisterly, like an exploiter.

What nonsense! The money in her pocket is not going to be distributed to anybody!

The author has something to say: “I find myself wanting to cry bitter tears for the nameless male protagonist.”

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