Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 75


Chapter 75

They return to the apartment.

Fu Hanzheng placed Gu Weiwei on the couch in the living room, removed her shoes, and frowned deeply when he noticed her toes, which were red, swollen, and blisters.

“Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

“No, I bought the medicine.” Gu Weiwei pulled out the medicine she had purchased.

“Wait a second.” Fu Hanzheng stood up and walked to the bathroom.

After a while, a basin of hot water appeared. He dragged her feet and submerged them in hot water.

Gu Weiwei saw that he wasn’t going and reminded him with a bitter smile.

“Thank you. I’ll take care of it myself. You can return to your study room and finish your job.”

 Fu Hanzheng didn’t listen to her. He waited a few moments before removing her feet from the basin, drying them with a towel, and placing them on the couch.

Then he took the medicine she had purchased and read the instructions.

Gu Weiwei was terrified and shrank her feet, saying, “Mr. Fu, I’ll do it myself.”

Fu Hanzheng seized her feet and yanked them to the side. He dipped a whip stick in cream and applied it to the red and swollen regions with one hand. The air was soon filled with the strong scent of medicine.

Gu Weiwei was confused for a while as she gazed blankly at the man who was holding her feet and applying for the medicine.

She also injured her foot when practicing martial arts at Gu’s residence, and Gu Siting nervously held her back.

Then a doctor was sent to take care of her, and he just remained by her side to accompany her.

She had always thought that, even though she and Gu Siting had been living together since childhood, something was lacking in their relationship when it came to love.

At this moment, she seemed to know.

What was lacking between them was the fact that she never knew if he really loved her in his heart.

She had always heard that Fu Hanzheng was a mysterious and profound guy, but when he stood in front of her, she could plainly sense… He had feelings for her and was concerned about her.

Fu Hanzheng looked up and saw that her eyes were somewhat red.

“Shall we go to the hospital if it hurts?”

Gu Weiwei regained her composure and shook her head. “No need, I’ll just go back to my room to rest.”

Fu Hanzheng was ready to apply medicine to the other feet when the phone in the study room rang, so he grabbed the phone and placed it to the side, then switched on the speaker.

“Brother! Brother! Praise me! Praise me!”

“My sister-in-law participated in dancing and voting just now, and I lead a billion army to help you rescue the heroine.”

Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched. This is, without a doubt, the third young master, Fu Shiyi.

Fu Hanzheng didn’t say anything, and Fu Shiyi was happily chatting to himself on the phone.

“I recorded the video and sent it to you. Look at how my sister-in-law spins around like a small spinning top.”

Gu Weiwei gritted her teeth: You are a small spinning top.

“In addition, while performing ballet, my sister-in-law’s body is soft and can be easily pushed down. You can unlock a lot of difficult poses…”

“Third young masters!” Gu Weiwei couldn’t help but interrupt Fu Shiyi’s self-talk when she saw Fu Hanzheng was silent: “I can hear you. Can you be careful?”

On the other end of the phone, Fu Shiyi was surprised for three seconds before lowering his voice and asking with a chuckle.

“Did I… disrupt anything that shouldn’t be disturbed, Brother?”

“Yes!” Fu Hanzheng abruptly hung up the phone.

Gu Weiwei’s lips trembled on something that shouldn’t have been disturbed.

Your answer is very misleading.

“Mr. Fu, even though we share a house, we are both clean. I believe you should correct the name that the third young master has just called me. I am not his sister-in-law…”

 Fu Hanzheng finished applying for the medicine, packed his things, and left.

“Either way, sooner or later.”


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