Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 76


Chapter 76

Imperial Capital Diyu Hospital

Both the Li and Zhou families went to the hospital to await the outcome of Zheng Yuan’s operation.

Zheng Yuan’s mother, Li Jiaqian, hurried over and looked fiercely at Zhou Linna. She reprimanded her by pointing at her nose.

“I will not forgive you if Yuanyuan suffers an unexpected accident.”

Wang Fen was already angry after seeing her daughter’s injured face after being beaten. She couldn’t refute Li Jiaqian’s accusation of her daughter now that she had arrived.

“It wasn’t Linna’s fault that she sprained her ankle; she accidentally injured her foot while dancing…”

“You…” Li Jiaqian was about to reprimand her when she saw an exquisitely dressed woman come by and quickly stopped herself.

“Fang Laoshi, why are you here?”

“I can’t be concerned about Linna’s injuries? I came here to see what the doctor had to say.”

 It was Zheng Yuan’s teacher at the Imperial Ballet, Fang Yuyan.

“The doctor is undergoing surgery, but it shouldn’t be a huge deal. It won’t interfere with her dancing.” Li Jiaqian explained quickly.

Fang Yuyan grinned but didn’t say anything.

Zheng Yuan exited the surgery room ten minutes later.

“Doctor, how is my daughter’s foot injury? Will it not hinder her dancing in the future?” Li Jiaqian asked anxiously as a group of people sent the patient back to the ward for placement. The doctor showed the film to several people and said.

“As long as her injury is correctly handled, it will not interfere with her everyday life. But, if she wants to dance, it will depend on her recovery in a few months.”

“Then how long would it take if you recovered well?” Fang Yuyan said as she watched the clip.

“About eight months to a year,” the doctor reasoned. “If you are too anxious, you will be wounded again, and I am afraid you will never be able to go on stage again.”

Zheng Yuan’s already pale face got much paler, and she gazed uneasily at Fang Yuyan as if she was terrified of something.

“Teacher, I promise to improve as quickly as possible, I…”

“You have heard what the doctor said, Zheng Yuan. Your injuries will need at least a year to heal, but the dancing troupe must continue to perform.” Fang Yuyan said directly with a cold expression.

“As a result, the chief position should remain with the original chief.”

“Teacher, please…”

Fang Yuyan didn’t wait for her to speak and coldly made an urgent decision in the group.

“As for Imperial Ballet Academy, it’s pointless if you get wounded like this. The group will arrange for someone else to take care of your injuries while you recover.”

“Fang Laoshi, Yuanyuan has been waiting for this position for several years. She will get well soon. Just give her another opportunity,” Li Jiaqian assured Fang Yuyan.

“It’s not that I didn’t give her a chance; it’s that she didn’t appreciate it.” Fang Yuyan’s eyes were filled with disdain as she glanced at Zheng Yuan on the hospital bed.

“This time, the incident was so serious that you not only ruined your name, but also the reputation of the members of our Imperial Ballet.”

The Imperial Ballet’s official blog is now full of sarcasm, suggesting professional dancers are inferior to ordinary amateurs.

Because the situation was so bad, the regiment did not outright discharge her; instead, they acted with extraordinary charity and utmost duty.

Do you think waiting for her to return to be the chief isn’t enough to disgrace them?

As soon as Fang Yuyan departed, Zheng Yuan clenched her teeth and slapped the bed in a rage.

“It’s all Mu Weiwei, and it’s all Mu Weiwei’s fault!”

Mu Weiwei has now ruined the opportunities she had fought for so many years.

If she had known today, she would have made her a crippled person back then, so she would not be able to dance in her life.

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