Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 77


Chapter 77

Zhou Meiqin arrived at the hospital after getting a call, accompanied by Li Xiner, who was disguised in a hat and mask.

She continued swiping Weibo on the way and saw that the title [Shiyi Black Swan] was already in the top ten of hot searches.

Many of Shiyi’s fans flooded her Weibo comments with sarcasm, which irritated her.

She removed her disguise as soon as she entered the ward and cursed at Zhou Linna.

“You fool, I previously gave you such a good opportunity, and instead of making yourself famous, you placed Mu Weiwei on the hot search.”

Shiyi’s fans also insulted and mocked her, making her feel humiliated.

Zheng Yuan slapped Zhou Linna in the face, and Li Jiaqian punished her just now.

“Everything was well at first until Shiyi unexpectedly supported Mu Weiwei on Weibo, and the situation reversed.”

She should have been on the hot search tonight, but now all she does is make wedding dresses for others, and instead of boosting her own fame, she has moved Mu Weiwei to the top of the list.

She is sadder and more wronged than any of them right now, but what can she do?

Shiyi was the man who had the most traffic in China. They were all aware of the power of a single word on the Internet.

“If Yuanyuan hadn’t made a mistake on stage, it wouldn’t have been like this…” Wang Fen embraced her furious daughter.

“You tell me again, my daughter fell like this, and the chief’s position is gone. She has no opportunity to study abroad, yet you continue to say such things…”

When Li Jiaqian learned that Wang Fen was blaming her daughter, she became furious and attacked her.

“Stop!” Zhou Meiqin said coldly while holding Li Jiaqian.

“Let Yuanyuan recuperate from her injuries for the time being, and when her injury heals, I’ll find a method to send her overseas to study.”

“Is what you say true?” Li Jiaqian asked Zhou Meiqin.

“Don’t worry about anything right now. Just take care of your injuries, and I’ll take care of the rest,” Zhou Meiqin said, nodding.

This Mu Weiwei, after calculating against her, this problem is becoming more severe.

Zhou Linna murmured warily as she examined the text message sent by Ye Mei on her phone.

“Auntie, cousin Xin’er’s teacher Ye said someone from the agency and record company has already called the school to find Mu Weiwei. What if…what if she went into the entertainment industry because of this?”

Although she refused to admit it, Mu Weiwei’s face was quite attractive to those in the entertainment industry who saw it.

Li Xiner glared at her, wondering how Mu Weiwei could have become an online celebrity overnight if it weren’t for her stupidity.

“Don’t worry, she can’t join the entertainment industry,” Zhou Meiqin replied, and her eyes flashed frighteningly cold.

“What can you do, Mom?” Li Xiner was taken aback by her appearance.

“Someone is refusing to let her in. I’ve made an appointment to talk about something. You can go back by yourself,” Zhou Meiqin said while picking up her bag.

After that, she left the ward alone and drove to the parking lot. She got into his car, picked up her phone, and dialed his number.

“I can’t keep waiting any longer. I’ll give you a week to complete your task. You must catch her within a week, no matter what method you use.”

“The cost is higher than the original.” Wang Weidong’s voice was on the other end of the line.

Zhou Meiqin’s eyes glowed with malice; if this stinky girl were still alive, it would be a tragedy for everyone.

“I will double it. I’ll add another 500,000 as long as someone is arranged to capture her and deal with it.”

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