The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 52.1

Jiang Shining got home at 1:00 am because the two of them were having so much fun chatting.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to see her three sons sitting on the couch in unison, grimacing at her.

“What are you all doing here sitting?”

The three of them didn’t say anything, but their expressions said it all: “Waiting for you to return home.”

Jiang Shining felt powerless, so she hung up her coat and removed her shoes.

“Aren’t you guys exaggerating? I survived the end of the world. How could I possibly return home late and have an accident?” asked Jiang Shining.

If you knew her at the end of the world… She gathered all the survivors as minions while simultaneously uniting the world…

Even though she seems to be graceful and sweet nowadays, she is capable of beating up anybody, from zombies to criminals.

“That’s not the same thing. Now you have a family, and the children are waiting to be fed. How can you come back so late?” Jing Yuan said.

“It’s preferable to return before 10 am every day.” Chen Tanliang gave his approval.

“Yes, like you said. We have no idea who you ate with. What if you had been drugged? What if someone is planning something against you?” Jing Yuan said solemnly.

“They’re correct. You have offended many people in your five reincarnations. What if someone is thinking about you?” replied Jing Xuan.

Jiang Shining stood up firmly, arms over her chest, and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Are you reprimanding me?”

Three cubs: …

“We just have two requests,” Jing Yuan responded to the pressure. “Be home by ten o’clock and quit pulling the plug on me!”

“There isn’t a second. Our requirement is simple,” Chen Tanliang said. “You should report to us no matter where you go.”

Jiang Shining remained silent, and they could feel a chilly wind whipping through the house.

The three moths pushed themselves to remain calm and looked at her incessantly.

–This is a matter of principle, absolutely no retreat!

A beautiful voice emerged from the stairwell just as the two sides were at a standstill.

“…… mom?”

Guoguo, who was dressed in her small rabbit pajamas, came down from upstairs. The lovely girl had unkempt hair and wiped her eyes with the back of her palm. She seemed to be dozing off.

Jiang Shining glanced over, then smiled.

“Guoguo.” She said in a soft voice.

Guoguo trotted forward and extended her arms for Jiang Shining to embrace. Her little face rubbed Jiang Shining’s neck.

“Mommy……,” Guoguo said with a milky voice, “why are you so late today?”

“Mommy went out with a friend.”

“Woo……” the small girl cried, batted her long eyelashes, and glanced at Jiang Shining, saying wrongfully, “Mom will come back earlier, okay? I miss you so much ……”

“Okay.” Jiang Shining softly said, “Then I’ll return early. Be good and don’t shrink that mouth, ah.”

Jiang Shining held Guoguo, softly patted her back, and walked upstairs, leaving the three cubs to watch the mother and daughter happily holding each other. A loving mother’s aura appeared to shine behind her.

“Does she prefer girls over boys? So she must place a higher priority on women?” Jing Yuan mumbled.

“Shut up.” Chen Tanliang said.

The two are still separated by Jing Xuan. At this point, they gazed at one another, took up the pillow behind them, and started smacking each other above Jing Xuan’s head, attempting to keep all the fights quiet and orderly.

Jing Xuan sighed deeply and lifelessly tilted his head in the middle of the chaos.

Jiang Shining awoke the following morning and walked downstairs to see three cubs seated at the dining table, each with the same melancholy expression on their handsome faces. They didn’t say anything and stared at her pitifully.

Jiang Shining was suffering from a headache.

“All right, from now on, I’ll be home before ten o’clock every day, and I’ll check in with you guys if anything happens. Is that okay?”

The living area quickly became as warm as spring.

Jiang Shining sighed tiredly. She suddenly felt old that her sons would successfully threaten her? They have accomplished what their father did not.

Soon after eating, Jiang Shining got a phone call from her secretary.

“Boss Jiang, at 8:30 am, 4T’s new music video will be available on Xuan Yuan Video, and at 10:00 am, the full album will be available on Xuan Yuan Music. The artist team, as well as the network department, are prepared.”

“I’ve got it.”

Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan exchanged glances as she hung up the phone.

“Don’t worry, I’ve prepared all the most important recommended spots, and the advertising is all neatly positioned. My music app will depend on these four kids to provide the heat,” Jing Xuan joked.

Given that 4T is a boy’s group that will almost certainly produce its own songs, Jing Xuan’s only goal is to find a song-playing app. The software that was meant to go on the market after the new year was launched before the start of the new year in order to prevent the fat water from flowing into the fields of outsiders.

Aside from those tracks, many materials are still unavailable since Xuan Yuan Music is so fresh. However, in order to listen to the songs, the 4Ts’ fans shockingly topped the Xuan Yuan Music app’s downloads to the app rankings of daily, weekly, and monthly downloads on their own.

The number of downloads of the Xuan Yuan music app has surpassed one million in only one month, and it has increased in the last two days. Programmers must work long hours to fix and enhance the software available online.

Jiang Shining pondered it, “You go and discuss exclusive cooperation with the corporations that previously participated in the variety program. Suppose our two businesses have signed a deal. If there is drafting for the next season, the video and song will almost certainly be shown in Xuan Yuan. The sooner you sign the contract, the more secure you will be.”

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