The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 52.2

Jiang Shining pondered it, “You go and discuss exclusive cooperation with the corporations that previously participated in the variety program. Suppose our two businesses have signed a deal. If there is drafting for the next season, the video and song will almost certainly be shown in Xuan Yuan. The sooner you sign the contract, the more secure you will be.”

Many of these children’s fans from this variety show overlap, and some fans of this family and passers-by fans of that family should not be overlooked.

“I had someone ask yesterday.” Jing Xuan laughed, “Three of them have already said to think about it and give me a response within three days.”

These companies are waiting to see how successful 4T’s first album will be when it is released.

Since yesterday, 4T has not gone down in the hot seat. Yesterday, the top searches were ‘4T group’s debut album tomorrow’ and the members’ individual names. It has now become ‘waiting for the 4T album to go online,’ with a large number of fans eagerly rubbing their hands together.

On schedule, at 8:30 am, 4T’s first music video debuted on Xuan Yuan video. The number of people who downloaded the Xuan Yuan video app increased dramatically. Thankfully, the technically superior software did not flash back. Jing Xuan got a horrible feeling when he saw this position. When traffic enters the music app, the program is expected to crash.

They make prior arrangements as soon as possible.

The two dashed to their respective companies, and while they were on their way, the artist team began to push all parts of publicity, following the original plan systematically. The secretary was waiting for Jiang Shining at the back entrance when she arrived at the office.

“Boss, our artists are incredible! This time, we proved to everyone how hot our artists are today,” he said.

Jiang Shining gave a kind grin.

“This is only the start.”

At ten o’clock, 4T’s record became a paid album on Xuan Yuan Music. However, it was unable to stop the spike in playing volume, and the top few on the fan list are from the 4T fan’s group X. The first one bought 10,000 copies straight……

Are fans so rich now?!

All of 4T’s passionate fans came to life, and they were finally allowed to relive the excitement of destroying other artists on the charts.

On the v blog, another wave was made at midday.

The female president of Ninglu Media opened her V blog, and the first one forwarded was the first MV of 4T.

[@JiangShiNingNL: The cubs are fantastic. /@Xuan Yuan video: # 4T group’s first album is now out! The long-awaited 4T’s debut album has finally arrived in Xuan Yuan video, the lovely heart of the green youth, we… [omitted]]

Jiang Shining put down her phone to attend a meeting. When she returned, she found herself besieged by positive remarks and admirers.

Fan 1: Husband fan here! I love you Ning!!! [5384 likes]

Fan 2: Ah ah ah! Mother-in-law ah! Fairy mother-in-law! [5120 likes]

Fan 3: The four cubs are really good and outstanding; it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a great artist, and Boss Ning must take care of them! [tears]

Fan 5: Mom! Look at my standard of kneeling! I declare you, my heart and my liver!

Jiang Shining’s hand trembled.

… How did she get to the point where even fans called her mother?

The author has something to say:

Jiang Shining: Why does the world recognize me as a mother _(:з」∠)_

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