The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 55.1

As if afraid that Xu Qiu would force the assignment on her, Jin Xingxing made an excuse that she was feeling unwell, turned her head, and rushed away to her dormitory, leaving nothing but yellow sand behind.

With this kind of reaction, Xu Qiu knows Jin Xingxing can’t be counted on, but she doesn’t want the cub to turn against her. Who could be such a villain?

Donald and Jasper at the Diamond Star began sneezing unexpectedly: “Achoo.”

Jasper’s wife peeked out of the kitchen. “Do you have a cold?” The weather turned cold yesterday. I want you to wear more clothes. You must listen to me, and you must not go near Mary and the others for the next two days.”

He often plays games with his son and daughter since they are still quite young, but mothers cannot spare their husbands if this weather affects the children.

“How can you say something so exaggeratedly? I haven’t been ill in years, and there was no wind blowing yesterday.”

The man said so, but he drank the ginger syrup that his wife had prepared for him after a while.

The weather is growing cooler, and the Chinese New Year is quickly approaching. The business of going to the Barren Star is not very good. He can’t get ill since he has so many children to support.

As a result, after the previous big talk, Jasper became unwell on the second day, and he was still not recovering.

“Principal Xu, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go to the kindergarten these days.”

Even though Xu Qiu was concerned about the cubs’ safety, it was impossible to let the other party come over the following morning while the big blond guy was lying on the bed coughing and chatting like this. If he carried a dangerous illness with him, the situation would be dire.

There was no way for Jasper to come over, and Donald had yet to learn how to pilot a starship.

It seems that she can only depend on the robot assistant’s help, and if that fails, she will let the assistants hold the cub.

But recalling that scene gave Xu Qiu a little headache.

The cubs’ dental checkup was approaching. Even though she didn’t fulfill the primary task, Xu Qiu had no option but to be ruthless, given the state of the two cubs’ teeth.

She turned around and informed the cubs once the system reminded her that the clinic’s construction had finished and Xu Qiu’s inspection had ended.

“Winter is approaching, and it is easy to get ill at this time of year, so our kindergarten will have to do a physical health examination, which will include you, Teacher Jin, and myself. “

The cubs’ faces changed in an instant. They instantly murmured to one another when Xu Qiu announced the news.

“Is there an examination? Is it the same as it was before?”

“Does the principal work there? She doesn’t appear to have mentioned anything.”

The cubs are very sensitive to the phrase ‘Examination’ and develop negative associations with it.

“All right, everyone calms down and pays attention to me first.”

“This time around, the examination items are very basic. Besides this examination, you must also pass a physical fitness test. Everyone, including myself, must do it. It’s something we do once a year.”

Xu Qiu stated with a serious look: “Every single one of us is a 1. After this amount, the possibility is +0, but if the preceding 1 cannot be kept, no matter how much you add, it will all be 0, and you will have nothing! As a result, excellent health is crucial for everyone!”

Xu Qiu realized that she couldn’t persuade these cubs with words alone, so she had to drag them to practice and show them that the physical examination wasn’t that bad.

Her attitude was extremely tough this time: “I’m sending out the notice, not discussing it with everyone. We’ll meet outside the old dormitories at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. We will be able to conduct the medical examination in not more than two hours.”

The cubs stopped chatting, but they all seemed a bit lethargic, exactly like Xu Qiu before, and their attitude exuded, “I’m in a terrible mood right now. Don’t come to irritate me.”

Xu Qiu reverted to her original attitude before instructing the cubs: “Today we will tell a tale about hiding a sickness for fear of treatment…”

Xu Qiu told the story of Bian Que and Duke Huan of Qi.

“If you don’t treat your minor disease seriously, it will turn into a serious illness, and there will be no cure for the serious illness.”

Because of her usual teaching, Xu Qiu is not very good at talking to the young cubs about serious topics like life and death. As a result, she tried to use her own words to talk about this topic nicely and pleasantly.

“The sickness will get more serious and stronger, and our bodies will become weaker and weaker. Therefore, we must knock them down and remove them while they are still extremely weak so that everyone may have a healthy body. The test we will do tomorrow is an activity to identify the weak diseases.”

The cubs now understand, and the physical examination Xu Qiu said must be beneficial to them.

“And how about us?”

It was Zhu Niang who spoke out this time.

Xu Qiu was taken aback and glanced at Zhu Niang, saying, “Of course, you will be well.”

“I mean, for you adults, we’re like germs that need to be defeated because it won’t be easy to destroy us when we grow up, so…”

Adult humans are particularly protective of cubs in Xu Qiu’s mouth, but this is not the case in their perceptions.

It goes without saying that the cubs have their own reasoning. They will be easily crooked by the other side if they are not cautious, and the more they think about it, the more reasonable it appears.

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