The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 55.2

It goes without saying that the cubs have their own reasoning. They will be easily crooked by the other side if they are not cautious, and the more they think about it, the more reasonable it appears.

On the other hand, Xu Qiu successfully jumped out and asked Zhu Niang, “Are you and the germs of the same race?”

“Of course not! As you said, germs are bad things for us.”

“Then you won’t eat chicken, duck, fish, all meat and vegetables in the future. Can you do it?” Xu Qiu asked.

The first two are still possible with some restraint, but if he can’t even eat fish, shouldn’t he starve himself to death?

“Of course not, but how does this relate to germs?”

“These small chickens, ducks, and fish are also pitiful, but when you eat them, your hands do not stop, and your mouth does not close.”

“We have produced such a race, and from an evolutionary aspect, we are born to be responsible for our own life and health, and everyone needs to survive.”

Life is a very magical thing in nature.

“When I was teaching you biology, I mentioned the ecological chain. For bacteria, everyone’s healthy body is the food they need. We don’t start wars, but we can’t stand by and tolerate such rampant guys bullying ourselves, right?”

This time, the cubs responded in unison, “Yes!”

The following morning, Xu Qiu was still hesitant about drawing blood, so she specifically requested that the cubs begin the examination earlier so that they could continue to eat breakfast after the examination.

Breakfast meals contain a lot of Qi and blood. Fluffy and soft brown sugar blooming buns, square and gorgeous transparent red date cakes, baked egg tarts, and a cup of delicious osmanthus tea are on the menu.

After the cubs have completed their examinations, they will be able to eat hot and delectable food.

“All right, then everyone takes a list and checks it in the order on the list.”

Although the system’s objective is to provide them with a dental checkup on the cubs, if she simply checks the things in dentistry, it will be too invasive, and there is no need to make such a move.

After some consideration, Xu Qiu chose to take another major examination based on the group physical examination items prepared by the school while she was studying before.

Each cub received a little sheet with the things to be checked, followed by a small box.

“After completing the examination items, I will help you cross off that item to prevent repeat examinations.”

Even though just a few people are in their kindergarten, their physical condition is poor, so she must create appropriate guidelines.

“Check the items, examine the vision, and listen to the heartbeat.”

Xu Qiu is not a licensed doctor. She took out a stethoscope and tried to listen to the sound, but she couldn’t hear anything.

She changed into a white coat and sat in the center star position in the examination office.

“Excellent… Can you see this clearly? What about this row?”

Xu Qiu marked “Good” on the checklist for the cubs and then worked hard to complete the next examination for them.

After doing so much preparatory work in the early stages and boiling them on a slow fire, she finally goes to the oral examination.

Xu Qiu pointed out to Bai Sa: “Student Bai Sa, you take a step forward.”

This time, let Bai Sa and Lily be the role models. Even if the cubs don’t have an appetite, they will want to eat it after looking at other people eating deliciously.

The exam is about to begin, and as a boy, you must set an example.

After a while, Xu Qiu didn’t see Bai Sa take a step forward.

“I just moved forward!”

Bai Sa spoke with confidence, and others were testifying on his behalf.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Xu Qiu lowered her head and estimated how far he moved his thumb.

“Everyone is really obedient. Good boy, this is fine. Then you don’t have to move. You can check it out and then go to breakfast.”

Because Bai Sa refused to come forward. It wasn’t a big deal. Xu Qiu was working on the operating table in front of the cubs for a while when the examination machine began to move, bringing him one step closer to the complete examination area.

Cubs: They regret it and want to run now. Is it too late?

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