Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 357

Chapter 357

He seems to be in a good mood right now.

“Because this was made just for you.” Naturally, Xi Ying replied, “The one I eat is just half the price. This bracelet, on the other hand, belongs entirely to you.

Lu Zijin, I’d want to give it to you. I want the best for you, yet you want this useless bracelet instead of a beautiful watch.

Come on, the bracelet is a bracelet as long as you like it, but the money must be paid.”

Xi Ying had no idea that Lu Zijin’s heart felt both bitter and sweet when her words came out.

The complicated emotions swirled and mixed into a swirl of complementary tastes.

A thousand times in Lu Zijin’s heart.

That sentence, “I want the best for you,” was enough to move him to tears.

He hasn’t felt this warm since his parents died and his family went bankrupt.

Bing Ning was the one who helped him feel less alone in the world.

Lu Zijin lowered his gaze to examine the bracelet on his wrist.

Then he abruptly rose up and came over to Xi Ying’s side, where he embraced her tightly in his arms.

[Reporting to the host, Lu Zijin’s favorability for you has reached 90%!]

This isn’t the first time Xi Ying has felt her lover’s embrace.

This embrace will not change regardless of his look, demeanor, or identity.

As if to embrace her soul, fearful of losing yet careful.

“We’re still in the store, Lu Zijin. If you want, we can go back and hug again…” Xi Ying pursed her lips and pressed her finger on Lu Zijin’s shoulder to hide her grin.

Lu Zijin looked to have been jerked up from a deep slumber and quickly let go of her.

“Hand rope, that’s me…” Lu Zijin’s face flushed quickly, and he babbled incoherently.

He had no idea what he was doing at the moment.

Is it overemotional? Is the mood swinging too much??

Did he startle Bing Ning by rising up and embracing her?

Is Bing Ning embarrassing?

Waa! He’s so embarrassed! He needs to make up a reason to get out of here.

“I’m going to the bathroom!” After much thought, Lu Zijin eventually came up with an acceptable reason.

“Handsome guy, turn right and go straight when you go out!” The boss said this considerately.

“All right, thank you!” After saying his thanks, Lu Zijin raced out of the shop and to the left.

“Well… Is it possible that I said anything incorrectly just now?” With a perplexed face, the boss gazed at Xi Ying.

“Pfft, no, it’s just that someone’s mood is all over the place right now, and he can’t hear you at all.” Xi Ying smirked and covered her lips.

[Sure enough, he’s pure and fresh, ah] Xiao Yiyi sighed again with emotion.


Xi Ying had already taken all the paper bags from the shop and waited for Lu Zijin at the door when he returned.

“Did you use the restroom over there?” Then, while pointing in the right direction, Xi Ying taunted him.

Lu Zijin couldn’t think of anything to say.

He didn’t want to go to the restroom in the first place; it was simply an excuse.

So, even if he takes the wrong path and arrives at a dead end, it will have no impact on him.

As a result, he just pretended to be dumb.

And Xi Ying was just interested in teasing him, not in what response he would give.

So Lu Zijin picked up the paper bag on the ground and led the way forward.

It was easy to hail a cab this time.

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