Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 358

Chapter 358

At 4:30 pm, the two of them returned to the hotel.

Fang Jingchen gets home from work around five o’clock in the evening.

After counting the time, Xi Ying should go home.

She picked two outfits and waved Lu Zijin farewell.

“I’m going, but don’t forget to get something to eat later in the evening. In any case, I’ll cover everything.

If something is expensive, there is no need to save money.

I’m wealthy and self-willed.”

While Xi Ying’s words stunned Lu Zijin, they also left him feeling a little lost in his emotions.

“It’s half past four,” he said casually, gazing at the wall clock.

It implies that it is still early, so why are you leaving?

“I know it’s half past four o’clock.” But unfortunately, Xi Ying’s words did not penetrate Lu Zijin’s thoughts.

Lu Zijin reached into his bag and pulled out a programming book.

His vision was filled with the codes and algorithms that had piqued his interest in the past.

But he can no longer read anything.

His mind was racing with “she’s leaving” ideas.

Xi Ying had already taken her clothes to the door so that she could change her shoes.

Lu Zijin dropped the programming book to show a pair of dark eyes.

His eyes were drawn to Xi Ying, who was wearing shoes.

Xi Ying felt someone staring at her intensely.

As soon as she lifted her eyes, she noticed Lu Zijin was staring at her.

“Eh? Is it possible that you’re peeking at me?” She pretended not to understand on purpose. “Do you want to say anything to me?”

“I’m just waiting for you to go. Unfortunately, you’re here, interrupting my reading.” Lu Zijin promptly came up with an excuse.

“Oh, look, I’m leaving.” Xi Ying changed her shoes, took the paper bag, opened the door, and went out.

Lu Zijin tossed the book aside in despair as the door closed.

Why is he being so rude?

If what he just said was not this sentence, instead of letting Bing Ning remain for a bit or directly asking Bing Ning whether he might have supper with her?


Is it possible for someone like him to have a relationship with Bing Ning?

Is it enough only for him to keep this love alive in his heart?

Is he yearning for it more now that he has it?

In an instant, Lu Zijin had a lot of ideas.

Before he could finish his thinking, the door reopened.

Xi Ying poked her head in, only to see Lu Zijin unmoving on the couch.

“Hey, Lu Zijin.” She pursed her lips to hide her smile and shouted.

“Huh? What?” When Lu Zijin heard Xi Ying’s voice, he sat up immediately and retrieved the book that had been tossed aside, pretending to study it carefully.

“I forgot to tell you something.” Xi Ying saw through everything but didn’t break anything.

“Because it is the weekend, I will be unable to see you tomorrow. So you may spend your time reading books.”

“All right.” Lu Zijin’s attention was fixed on the programming book in his hand.

He behaved just like he did when Xi Ying came in the morning.

“Well, it’s okay. I’m really leaving this time.” Xi Ying closed the door again.

For about five minutes, Lu Zijin maintained his reading position.

After confirming that Xi Ying would not return, he fell onto the sofa.

He can’t stand reading programming books any longer. “Tomorrow is the weekend” is all over his head now.

Why didn’t Bing Ning pay him a visit on the weekends?

Why does the word “weekend” exist in the first place?

What is the purpose of weekends?

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