Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 359

Chapter 359

Lu Zijin got up from the sofa.

Even though he hadn’t paid attention to the day of the week in five years, he sorted the days from today and scribbled them down on a piece of paper.

On the weekend, he drew a giant cross using a red pen.

This implies that he dislikes such days.

Why not enjoy the day that symbolizes a day off?

Because Bing Ning isn’t available on weekends.


Xi Ying hailed a taxi back to the neighbourhood of the apartment building.

She went to a grocery store near her apartment complex and purchased meat, veggies, and some ingredients.

She got home at five o’clock.


Is it already too late?

What a joke.

Xi Ying’s previously exchanged permanent skill is not for show.

The raw materials she just bought will be converted into wonderful meals and served to guests as long as she thinks about it.

Xi Ying nodded, happy, as she glanced at the table full of delicacies.

She just needs to prepare drinks, wine, and tableware for the two of them.

After Xi Ying had done all of these simple duties, Fang Jingchen returned.

“Welcome back.”

When Fang Jingchen got home, he observed Xi Ying’s gorgeous face and sweet smile with a soft gaze on his face.

The face is heavenly, and the voice is as clear and lovely as an oriole sound.


What a wonderful and lovely feeling!

It can send him to another world and let him forget about his concerns and anxiety for the day.

Fang Jingchen imagined himself to be the happiest person in the world!

“It smells wonderful!” Fang Jingchen’s sense of smell was activated, allowing him to notice the scent of the meal.

As soon as he smelled it, his stomach grumbled.

“Do you want to eat something? Then wash your hands and eat right away.” Xi Ying put Fang Jingchen’s suitcase on the couch and asked him to wash his hands.

The two sat down to have this scrumptious lunch after cleaning their hands.

This supper was sumptuous compared to the slightly rough meal from the night before.

Every time Fang Jingchen eats a dish, he offers complete ratings without hesitation.

Xi Ying’s face was always gently smiling.

As he witnessed Xi Ying’s tenderness, Fang Jingchen’s heart became sour.

“What’s the matter, Jingchen? I suppose you’re thinking about something.” With a troubled expression, Xi Ying set down the dinnerware and asked.

“In fact, it’s not that big of an issue…” Fang Jingchen set down the dinnerware after speaking.

Anyway, the two of them had almost eaten their lunch by this time.

Even chatting will not delay mealtime.

“Can you tell me? It doesn’t matter if you can’t.” Xi Ying said sympathetically.

“Of course, I can tell you!” Fang Jingchen responded swiftly, fearing that his hesitancy would make Xi Ying unhappy. “Then you say, I will listen carefully.”

“Today, the daughter of the headquarters chairman arrived to inspect the situation…” Fang Jingchen began to pause as soon as he said a word.


“Does she like you?”

“It’s not like, it’s just…” Fang Jingchen was at a loss for words.

“Did she initiate a conversation with you?”

“Did she say…”

“Did she ask you for a business card?”


“Did she say she’d get in touch with you?”


“This is wonderful, Fang Jingchen! The chairman’s daughter must be interested in you, so she took the initiative to express her feelings for you,” Xi Ying stated as she patted Fang Jingchen on the back.

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