Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 361

Chapter 361

“I’m at home right now, and I have something else to do later, so it’s not convenient for me to come out and see you. I’m really sorry.”

Fang Jingchen said sorry with a smile when Xi Ying came into the kitchen with dishes and chopsticks.

“Ah? My home is much too small for you, and I’m worried you won’t get accustomed to it…” Fang Jingchen seems to have been interrupted by the other party before he completed speaking.

“…Well, because you are the boss and want to view the employee’s family environment, you are welcome to come.” Fang Jingchen was utterly powerless.

Liang Kaiyin said so; what else could he do?

Fang Jingchen then gave his address.

The phone finally hangs up.

Fang Jingchen entered the kitchen with a long sigh.

“I’m very sorry, Bin Ning.” He said to apologize to Xi Ying.

“What’s the problem? Why are you apologizing to me?” Xi Ying asked while washing the dishes.

“Because Liang Kaiyin’s attitude is so firm, I can’t stop her…” Fang Jingchen furiously massaged his head.

“Bing Ning, I can’t afford to lose this job. But, unfortunately, now it’s difficult to obtain work in Shanghai, and even if I do, it’ll be difficult to receive greater pay than this one.

I can’t quit the company because I want to support you and so that you have a decent life.”

Fang Jingchen told everything to Xi Ying.

“Huh? Why do you make me feel like you’ve done something wrong?” Xi Ying said and turned her head to stare at him suspiciously.

Why do you make me feel like you’ve done something wrong?” Xi Ying said and turned her head to stare at him suspiciously.

“Isn’t it great that Miss Liang is coming to our house? The two of you can start meeting so you know if she’s your type. Jingchen, you can’t be so pessimistic about everything. What if you like Miss Liang?”

I won’t like her!” Fang Jingchen quickly denied this.

Xi Ying tilted her head, made a cute pose and expression, then frowned and asked, “Why?”


Fang Jingchen couldn’t help but swallow his saliva when he saw Xi Ying in this manner.


He couldn’t say anything since he already had feelings for Bing Ning!

No! This is so fast!

Last night, Bing Ning had just been activated, and he hadn’t spoken to her in twenty-four hours.

This kind of affection must be incredibly cheap for Bing Ning!

He can’t say that!

“Could it be because Miss Liang is too ugly?” Xi Ying guessed.

“No.” Fang Jingchen remembered seeing Liang Kaiyin.

Although there is no Bing Ning, it may be considered an upper-middle look in a crowd.

Before buying Bing Ning, Fang Jingchen felt that he was not a face control.

If he wants to fall in love with a lady in the future, her physical looks won’t be his first concern.

However, after he bought Bing Ning, he would instinctively compare any woman he saw with Bing Ning.

Of course, the end outcome was—


What a joke!

Xi Ying is now a mechanical girl!

She is also a top-tier mechanical girl princess with flawless beauty.

How many women in the world have a natural beauty that can be compared to hers?

That is, the few actresses in the entertainment circle who are fighting with their faces can be comparable to her.

But that’s only in photos.

Xi Ying’s skin condition and fairness significantly outweigh theirs when they are compared in person.

“So, what makes you think you won’t like her? Well, someone will come later, so you should change your clothes first. Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to meet your guests in this sweaty attire?

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