Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 362

Chapter 362

“By the way, you can take a bath if you’re quick. If the guests arrive early, I shall serve her first.”

Xi Ying washed her hands clean and pushed Fang Jingchen inside the room.

Fang Jingchen could smell the sweat on his body as well.

Thinking that the person who would visit him shortly is the daughter of the chairman of the head office and that his image cannot be tarnished.

He sighed pathetically once more and went to his room to wash and change his clothing.

When Fang Jingchen entered the room, Xi Ying used her permanent ability to wash all the dinnerware and clean up with a single click.

The kitchen and dining room are spotless.

[Host, you clearly know that the person who will arrive later is Liang Kaiyin, and you saw her today and quarreled with her, and she also saw you and Lu Zijin together, so why do you want to greet her so warmly?]

Xiao Yiyi couldn’t understand it.

“Why don’t I welcome her here? How can I start my plan? How can I kill her if she doesn’t come? How can I accomplish the task of the Lord God?”

The amber eyes of Xi Ying twinkled.

[Um…then tell me how you’re going to kill her.]

“I still haven’t figured it out.”


Xi Ying’s words suffocated Xiao Yiyi!

She had previously heard Xi Ying’s bossy comments and assumed that Xi Ying had already arranged everything.


[Host, I will serve you…]

The doorbell rang at that precise moment.

Liang Kaiyin arrived.

Xi Ying approached the door, glanced out through the cat’s eyes, saw Liang Kaiyin, and opened the door.


Liang Kaiyin only said one word, and his bright smile instantly solidified.

“It’s you?!” A shocked tone.

“It’s me,” Xi Ying said as she leaned against the door frame with a small smile.

“What brings you to Fang Jingchen’s house?” Indescribable images flashed in Liang Kaiyin’s mind.

On the other hand, Xi Ying did not respond to her query at all, instead of looking around and asking, “Where’s your little mechanical girl servant?”

Liang Kaiyin’s heart sounded an alarm!

How did she know that Ya’er was a mechanical girl!?

No one has ever guessed Ya’er’s true identity throughout the years!

Who is this woman?!

“I advise you not to say something stupid in front of Fang Jingchen, or else—”

Xi Ying raised her arm.

Liang Kaiyin took a subconscious step back.

The episode at the shopping mall when Xi Ying hit Ya’er hard made her memorable.

She was frightened that Xi Ying might throw a punch at her.

“You are so timid. I don’t know where you borrowed the confidence to do such disgusting things,” Xi Ying said with a condescending smirk.

Before Liang Kaiyin could respond, she was interrupted by a voice from Xi Ying’s extended arm.

“Do you think your life is your own? If it wasn’t for my father’s mercy and didn’t want to cut the grass and roots, do you think you can live safely in the past five years?”

Liang Kaiyin’s pupils constricted when he heard this recording!

In astonishment, she stared at Xi Ying.


For a long time, she couldn’t say why.

But she was certain in her heart.

The woman in front of her is a mechanical girl as well!

Otherwise, how could there be a recording from a normal human arm!?

“Remember, we didn’t meet before you came here. Otherwise, I don’t mind handing this recording and video to the judiciary. I believe the situation from five years ago was linked to the chairman of Aotian Group. So shouldn’t the case get a lot of attention?”

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