Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 363

Chapter 363

Xi Ying deliberately used a rhetorical tone, a provocative tone, and a sarcastic tone.

This enraged Liang Kaiyin, but there was nothing she could do.

After all, she had said the same thing to Lu Zijin.

She does not question the truth of Xi Ying’s claim that there are videos and recordings since she, too, has a mechanical girl and is well-versed in the functions of that mechanical girl.

“So, Lu Zijin is your weakness?” Liang Kaiyin laughed instead of being angry.

“Weakness?” Xi Ying gave her a mentally stupid look. “You have a mechanical girl; why do you ask such a mentally dumb question? Do you believe the mechanical girl will have a flaw?

If so, how did your Ya’er kill people in the first place?

Do you think I’m so beautiful that it lowers your IQ?”

Liang Kaiyin was admonished by Xi Ying without leaving the room.

Liang Kaiyin was so taken aback by her words that she couldn’t speak.

Because Xi Ying was telling the truth.

A mechanical girl, no matter how much she resembles a person, she is, after all, a robot.

She will not have love feeling it since the system does not have such software.

But if her master is in need, she will accompany them and live the same life as any other couple.

She will care for and look after her master. She will say, “I love you,” she will sleep with her master and do what they enjoy.

In fact, the mechanical girl has no concept of love.

But sometimes, she can stick to her marriage better than humans who claim to know love.

Furthermore, a mechanical girl has no other option if she wants to be with a human.

She can only have one person as her master.

“How did you meet Lu Zijin?” Liang Kaiyin wanted to know more about Lu Zijin.

“Nothing to say.” Xi Ying’s attitude was laid back.

Liang Kaiyin has no idea who created the coding for such a nasty character.

She now remembered the second of the three robot rules.

Human commands must be followed by robots.

As though she had something to rely on, she triumphantly ordered Xi Ying, “I want you to quickly give me all you know about Lu Zijin.”

Hearing this, Xi Ying’s gaze was distracted, and his body straightened, no longer leaning against the door frame.

Liang Kaiyin’s eyes were filled with scorn when she saw her this way.

After all, no matter how amazing you are, you are a mechanical girl who must follow human commands.

This is your pain.

Even though you had just rebuked me severely and attempted to threaten me.

But now, as long as I have an order, you must obey me by telling me everything about Lu Zijin and obeying me by deleting the tape and video.

“Well, I order you to erase all the films and recordings you made today at the shopping mall and then tell me everything about Lu Zijin.”

Xi Ying stood up straight and gently opened her lips.

Liang Kaiyin’s eyes sparkled with pride, her arms folded over her chest, and she peered at Xi Ying, waiting for her to speak.

“Do you believe I’m just a normal mechanical girl?” Xi Ying opened her mouth, and her words were provocative and amusing.

Her vision returned to normal in an instant.

The brief confusion just now was obviously faked by her.

“The second of the three laws of robots must obey orders given by humans unless the first law is violated.

But did you know that in my chip program, all I have to do is follow Fang Jingchen’s orders?”

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