I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 52.1 

You Qiuqiu was touched, and she apologised once again for letting Mr. Sheng take the blame.

“Mr. Sheng, I brought you a special product,” she said.

She proudly showed off her dried salted fish as she opened the luggage.

Sheng Shiyun, “…” Other female artists’ baggage is full of beautiful clothing and shoes, so why did You Qiuqiu carry a complete box of dried salted fish?

How about clothing?

You Qiuqiu wrapped and returned the clothes, and she brought dried salted fish with her.

Sheng Shiyun, “…Then you weren’t stopped for inspection?”

“She was stopped, but not because of dried salted fish, but because of Suona,” Jiang Tao responded for You Qiuqiu.

Sheng Shiyun, “…”?

Why is Suona involved again?

You Qiuqiu just went to record a variety show, and sometimes he didn’t know what happened.

You Qiuqiu: She has mastered a new skill!

She was eager to pull out the suona and show it to Sheng Shiyun. Sheng Shiyun’s eyes were nearly dazzled by the golden suona’s brightness.

“Would you want to hear me perform a piece, Mr. Sheng?”

You Qiuqiu would not easily play for others. After all, she was lazy.

However, her front foot may have caused Mr. Sheng to carry the black stain, and Mr. Sheng also warmed her preserved egg and lean meat porridge in the back, for which she is grateful.

When Sheng Shiyun saw You Qiuqiu preparing to blow a suona, he rushed out to stop her.

“Do you want to be complained about by your neighbours?”

You Qiuqiu also recalled that they were still at the hotel. She’s not sure whether the sound insulation here is good enough, plus it’s already dark, which is very improper.


“It doesn’t matter.”

“Mr. Sheng, I’ll blow it to you whenever you like,” you Qiuqiu reassured Sheng Shiyun, who hadn’t heard the suona sound.

“I’ll blow it to you as well during your wedding.”

Because she attended the grandparents’ weddings, You Qiuqiu believes she is competent in this business area.

Sheng Shiyun rubbed his spectacle frame.

 Thank you, but it is unnecessary.

“The porridge will be cold if you don’t drink it.” He didn’t want to talk about Suona anymore.

After You Qiuqiu finished the porridge, she and Jiang Tao shared and completed the warm pancakes purchased by Mr. Sheng. Sheng Shiyun was in a rush, and he needed to go downstairs to reserve a room for check-in.

You Qiuqiu went to send Sheng Shiyun.

You Qiuqiu pondered it before the man left and added, “I felt Jiannan Ge meant something to me today.” She told me what occurred today. Of course, she refused to mention anything about Cui Xiangbei. Who asked? It’s all secret.

You Qiuqiu still feel embarrassed to the point of bubbling.

Why did she have such thoughts before? How could she be?

Cui Jiannan has been in the business for about two decades, and he has had relatively few scandals. The heroines in the few scandals are top-tier beauties. It’s the type of thing that makes a mark throughout time and must be remembered every time one looks through the collection of beauties.

You Qiuqiu’s mind was already set on smashing the jar when she spoke these words, and the dead pig was not terrified of boiling water. She was well aware that she would confront Mr. Sheng’s scepticism.

But it never arrived.

Sheng Shiyun stopped. “Did you make it clear?”

“Is it a misunderstanding?”

You Qiuqiu, “En.”

“Just make it clear,” he said.

“Mr. Sheng, don’t you think I’m thinking a little too much?” You Qiuqiu.

He’d already opened the door, but You Qiuqiu could still hear the man say, “It’s better for females to think more than less.”

Being a female in this world is not easy. Therefore, think about it more.

Jiang Tao seemed exhausted. She took a plane from one city to another. During this time, she had many theories about Cui Jiannan’s mentality. She went back to her room to relax after having dinner with You Qiuqiu and ensuring nothing had happened.

 You Qiuqiu didn’t fall asleep for the first time. She had slept for a long time on the plane, but she was no longer sleepy, so You Qiuqiu unlocked the smartphone and looked for Beibei’s information.

You Qiuqiu didn’t know which Bei it was since Cui Jiannan narrated it orally, but she discovered it after trying twice.

[Beibei, rising rock star] [Beibei confronts the elder members of the band] [Unfortunately, rock star Beibei was killed in a car accident] …

It’s been a long time, and there’s not much information available on the Internet. Even the few photographs that remain are not as high resolution as they are today.

Even so, the high-spiritedness of a little girl cannot be hidden; she seems to have boundless strength, and even though the picture is full of confidence, her eyes are full of brightness.

You Qiuqiu also discovered the music written, performed, and sung by Beibei, and she talked in a clear feminine voice. Even if you didn’t understand the music, You Qiuqiu would enjoy it. The female voice told her ideal in a lively tone.

“I don’t want to be average and live a stable existence. I don’t want to be Mr. X’s wife, Mr. S’s mother, I want to be myself, the dazzling and bold me,” says the end.

You Qiuqiu covered her heart with her hands, feeling a little stuffy there.

She assumed Jiannan Ge had never heard his sister’s song.

You Qiuqiu is not Cui Xiangbei.

So, what drives Cui Xiangbei to be the same as You Qiuqiu?

You Qiuqiu paused for a few moments before sharing this song with Cui Jiannan.

She was jumping back and forth on the edge of offending the best actor.

However, if Jiannan feels offended, she has already offended him on the rooftop, so he might not be offended by this song.

You Qiuqiu didn’t want to overthink, so she slept off.

She didn’t see Cui Jiannan’s message a few minutes later since she had fallen asleep.

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