I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 52.4

The audience quickly realised why You Qiuqiu was able to sleep so well: her mother was also sleepy.

In most households, the mother urgently yelled at her daughter to get up, but in this case, the roles were reversed. You Qiuqiu awoke at midday and called her mother, but her mother also refused to rise.

Qiuqiu’s parents are also beautiful.

When they learned of this family’s fairy DNA, the audience sighed with passion.

Then, it came in unexpectedly –

The cooking scene.

 “Come on! I just came to see the star girl. I didn’t want to grow fat!”

“It’s over, I became hungry in the evening, and tears of disappointment streamed from the corners of my mouth.”

The audience was so eager for You Father’s hands that they all yelled out.

“I know it must be good just by looking at this posture, this colour, but why do you have to explain it, and express it so well, awsl?”

Xingqiu said: “Because the Qiu Cub was practically a food broadcaster.”

Finally, I stopped gaining weight.

Many people ate an additional bowl of rice with tears in their eyes this night, and many people who had already eaten supper ordered late-night snacks that were not on the menu, accumulating a few pounds of meat.

Someone on the barrage claimed to have already understood You Qiuqiu. It’s nothing to gain ten pounds when you have a fairy father who can cook. If you invite them in, they may gain a hundred pounds in front of everyone.

Others started to inquire about You Father’s plans to build a restaurant. They’d absolutely check-in if it did.

They were drooling until they saw You Qiuqiu and You Mother leaving for the square dance. The audience had not recovered until this point. They came to watch the female artist do the square dance, but it was so funny and delicious (?) that they forgot for a time.

The plot, of course, did not disappoint.

According to You Qiuqiu’s popular science, the square dance is also full of struggles. Still, the most classic is that You Qiuqiu made her debut with the square dance in the C position, and the aunties next door were drawn by You Qiuqiu’s new dance and peacefully resolved the impending battle.

The over 100 beauty-obsessed aunts were tit-for-tat one second, then became sisters in deep love and harmony the next.

“Hahaha f*ck, seriously, I proclaim that You Qiuqiu is a gifted individual!”

 “This is too awesome. Is this all right? The community should give You Qiuqiu a peace award.”

 “Is it different on my side… My mother had just entered the room and saw that I was watching the programme. She complimented Qiuqiu’s square dance and requested that I send her the video. She wanted the little sisters to learn new dances together.”

You Qiuqiu’s manipulation has influenced the audience, and several aunties have already taken up the square dance as a result of You Qiuqiu’s adaptation.

You Qiuqiu had no idea that her customised square dance would be liked by many aunties and become famous for a short time afterwards.

Xingqiu covered their faces and stared at You Qiuqiu, who was dancing about in the screen.

The ponytail moved with You Qiuqiu’s motions and followed the dance’s rhyme. Because of the amount of activity, the porcelain-white cheeks had a layer of blush on them, the eyelashes were long and curled, and the eyes were watery.

The Qiu Cub that dances in the square is adorable!

Mama (Dad) loves you!

My Daughter’s Observation Diary has been on the air for many seasons, and after the initial frenzy, the ratings have progressively declined.

It’s not bad; it’s simply that it can only be described as stable today compared to the stunning outcomes at the start.

However, You Qiuqiu’s popularity has skyrocketed in this episode. Because of the hot search, many people were drawn to the female artist’s square dance.

As a gimmick, everyone was accidentally fallen into the pit by You Qiuqiu’s family.

In contrast to those exquisite female artists, You Qiuqiu’s down-to-earth demeanour gives many people the impression that their lives are being monitored.

In contrast to the several female artists next door, who were constantly bombarded by their parents, they definitely earned success in their occupations. Obviously, they are lovely sisters, but their parents will constantly pluck out thorns if they keep their mouths shut, they don’t have a partner, and they don’t know when they will be able to marry. When compared to You Qiuqiu’s Food Channel, she was worried about her mother, but the older ones are lazier than, the younger ones.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

Isn’t it a good family atmosphere?

As a result, a few terms were swiftly included in the hot search when the programme aired.

[You Qiuqiu’s family atmosphere] [You Qiuqiu’s father’s cooking] [You Qiuqiu dances in the square] [You Qiuqiu calls herself a boring person] [You Qiuqiu making a living] …

Of course, the number that rushes to the front is [You Qiuqiu is looking for a job at a discount.]

According to various statistics, You Qiuqiu has also continued to exert her power this year and has been continually in everyone’s sight, but she generally performed in many variety programmes. It seems that the film and television resources are indeed lacking.

Xingqiu had not expected the Qiu cub to take the initiative and express in the show that she would want to get the resources at a reduced price. Is the Qiu Cub interested in making a film?

The black-hearted boss is not a human being, and Qiu Cub’s Mama (Dad) will not allow you to talk nonsense and will send you up!

So, fresh stuff arrived in station B’s ghost animal area for a time.

“You Qiuqiu You Qiuqiu, a fresh graduate of the Film Academy, performs professionally, cheaply, economically, and affordably, report her name for 99 percent discount ah, 99 percent off ah, don’t miss it when you pass by, take it home with high-cost performance!”

With magical rap lyrics and various classic images of You Qiuqiu, Xingqiu was heartbroken to offer You Qiuqiu.

Passerby: ? ? ?

Turn around and laugh, hahaha….

The sand sculpture artist and her sand sculpture fans are a perfect fit.

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