Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 78


Chapter 78

Gu Weiwei took two days off from school to rest at home. She slept till nearly noon since she talked with Ji Cheng and the others on WeChat late at night.

She didn’t get out of bed until the door was knocked on.

Shouldn’t that workaholic Fu Hanzheng be in the company right now?

She noticed Fu Hanzheng’s special assistant, Xu Qian, standing there when she opened the door.

“Miss Mu, the president has requested that I deliver you a meal so that you can eat it while it is hot.”

 “Deliver… a meal?” Gu Weiwei frowned.

“It has been ordered at the restaurant,” Xu Qian stated with a small smile. ” If there is nothing else, I will rush back to the company.”

“Thank you for your hard work,” Gu Weiwei said dazedly.

She returned to the dining table to sit down, ready to eat as soon as Xu Qian was sent away, but Fu Hanzheng called.

“Did Xu Qian deliver it to you?”

 “Well, just delivered.” Gu Weiwei looked at the steaming food on the table and said, “Thank you.”

“I’m going to a dinner party tonight, so I might come back later.” Fu Hanzheng’s voice was soothing and melodious.

“Well, you’ve got a bad stomach, so drink less wine.” Gu Weiwei considered it and only said this.

“Okay. You can eat. I’m hanging up,” Fu Hanzheng chuckled.

Gu Weiwei shook her head angrily after hanging up the phone, reprimanding herself for being such a busybody.

What does it have to do with her? She didn’t need to control how much he drank.

Fu Hanzheng had recently lived here, and because her muscles ached, it was uncomfortable for her to walk, so he carried her around at home.

After taking her back to her room after washing up last night, she took the opportunity to kiss her face again. He really didn’t consider himself an outsider at all.

Gu Weiwei changed her clothes and went to the cafe on the adjoining pedestrian street after eating alone and replying to a few text messages.

Gu Weiwei became an internet celebrity overnight because of Zhou Linna’s fuss and Fu Shiyi’s intervention.

She received phone invitations from four companies yesterday, so she scheduled a meeting and detailed discussion this afternoon.

Originally, she intended to take the art exam before entering the entertainment industry. Zhou Linna made a big fuss, yet her popularity pushed her into this circle in the first place.

Gu Weiwei saw the brokers of four companies, one after the other.

However, she did not immediately agree to sign the contract but instead left the information and business card, intending to carefully examine it before deciding.

She was sitting near the window, going over the information from the four brokerage companies, when a man in a pink suit with a handbag sat down in front of her.

Then he handed her a contract.

“Sign it.”

“Are you talking to me?” Gu Weiwei asked, pointing to herself.

The man carefully applied the lip balm all over his lips.

“Mu Weiwei, sign your name. I’ll be your manager.”

“Who are you?” Gu Weiwei said, quietly raising her brows.

He seemed to have come with a brokerage contract, but everyone else came politely, and he was the first to directly dump the contract for her to sign.

The man put the lip balm away, took out his card case, and placed a business card on the table with his orchid fingers.

“Shiyi Culture Media Co. Ltd., Qiao Lin”

Shiyi Culture Media? !

She knew who had sent it as soon as she heard the name.

Shiyi, Shiyi.

 It was the third master of the Fu family, Fu Shiyi’s company.

Gu Weiwei has spent the last two days listening to Ji Cheng brag about her male god’s great achievements in the WeChat group, so she is familiar with Fu Shiyi.

Shiyi Culture Media Co. Ltd. was originally a new company founded by Fu Shiyi under the Fu Group and he was tasked with overseeing the entertainment and culture business.

As a result, the young master disliked the company’s poor artists and let the boss’s unreasonableness be known in person to the entertainment circle.

With his good looks and proud family history, he quickly became popular in the entertainment world, and his every move drew a lot of attention on the Internet.

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