Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 364

Chapter 364

This is the response Xiao Yiyi gave when Xi Ying asked her.

And it’s bullshit again [if you ask Fang Jingchen, as long as you follow Fang Jingchen alone, you’re OK, but if you don’t ask, you have to obey all mankind’s demands].

Xi Ying really wanted to kill the Lord God after hearing this.

“You…how can such an advanced mechanical girl now…how is it possible!?” Liang Kaiyin couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Let’s not stand at the door all the time, Miss Liang.

Jingchen should be about to finish taking a shower, so come in quickly.

By the way, if you don’t remember what I just told you, don’t blame me for not giving you an advance warning of the consequences.”

Xi Ying’s brows were filled with a seemingly gentle smile.

Liang Kaiyin was freaked out by the rapid changes in her expression and the depth of her hidden scheming.

Nonetheless, Liang Kaiyin entered the apartment.

For starters, she didn’t want Xi Ying to believe she was afraid and timid.

Second, Liang Kaiyin was still secretly pleased with Xi Ying’s naivety since she revealed to her that Xi Ying’s vulnerability was in Fang Jingchen.

If Fang Jingchen issued Xi Ying an order, Xi Ying had to carry it out.

And Liang Kaiyin had a good impression of Fang Jingchen.

Liang Kaiyin chose to pursue Fang Jingchen in this instance.

She would let Fang Jingchen order Xi Ying to remove the audio and recording when they became boyfriend and girlfriend, and she would let Xi Ying reveal the whole story of Lu Zijin.

In the end, she has the ability to murder Xi Ying.

It just killed three birds with one stone.

“Please have a seat; I’ll go make you some tea.” Xi Ying’s expression has remained unchanged since Liang Kaiyin entered the apartment.

It’s a courtesy to entertain guests.

Fang Jingchen’s door opened when Xi Ying was making the tea.

He, who was dressed casually, and he, who was dressed formally, gave Liang Kaiyin two different impressions.

Fang Jingchen is now a cheerful young man.

He looks very sunny and handsome as if he were the most brilliant boy among the boys who played basketball on the basketball court as a youth.

“Hello, Miss Liang.” As soon as he stepped outside, he saw Liang Kaiyin sitting on the sofa.

Fang Jingchen only came out after his hairstyle and clothes were properly adjusted since he had previously heard the sound while he was in the room.

“In fact, Fang Jingchen, you don’t need to be so polite to me; just call me Kaiyin.” Liang Kaiyin rose to her feet with a bright smile on her face.

She was particularly fascinated by Jingchen.

“…I’ll address you as Miss Liang.” Fang Jingchen moved into the living room, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

He saw Xi Ying’s back busy inside the kitchen as he passed by.

“Bing Ning, what are you doing?” He asked unconsciously.

“I’m getting the ingredients and cups ready to make tea. Miss Liang arrived too soon. I just finished cleaning the kitchen and didn’t have time to prepare anything.

Jingchen, Miss Liang, please wait a while; I’ll be ready shortly.”

Fang Jingchen felt comfortable and joyful when he heard Xi Ying’s lovely voice from the kitchen.

“So her name is Bing Ning.” Liang Kaiyin didn’t know when she came to Fang Jingchen’s side.

Fang Jingchen was taken aback by her abrupt arrival and hastily moved back to the side, allowing more space between them.

Jingchen’s actions upset Liang Kaiyin somewhat.

“Is it so uncomfortable for you because I’m a bit closer to you?”

“No, it isn’t. Miss Liang, you are my supervisor to a certain degree, so it’s preferable for us to maintain a distance,” Fang Jingchen said swiftly.

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