Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 365

Chapter 365

“Why do you have to keep your distance?” Liang Kaiyin took a step closer to Fang Jingchen. “What regulations stipulate this?”

“No… There are no regulations.” Fang Jingchen’s forehead started to sweat.

“So, why are you keeping your distance from me? Is it possible that you and I may have an office romance?” Liang Kaiyin had the impression that Fang Jingchen, who had been pushed to feel scared by her, was completely innocent!

It’s her favourite type.

“No! I’d never considered it before! Miss Liang, all I want to do is work hard; I’ve never considered falling in love!” Fang Jingchen instantly closed his eyes and replied.

It was his first encounter with such an aggressive woman, and he was inexperienced, so he felt uncomfortable and at a loss.

Fortunately, he can still remember to use words to decisively reject the other party and express his thoughts.

“Miss Liang, the tea is ready. It is now time for us to drink tea.” An indifferent and polite voice broke the silence between Liang Kaiyin and Fang Jingchen.

Fang Jingchen gazed at Xi Ying, who had appeared at the kitchen entrance as if he had been saved. He chuckled and responded, “Yes, indeed! Let’s drink tea! Let’s drink tea!”

After he finished speaking, he hurriedly freed himself from Liang Kaiyin’s constraints and walked over to Xi Ying to grab the tray she was holding.

They went together to the sofa in the living room, placed the tea on the coffee table, and then invited Liang Kaiyin to sit down and sip tea.

Liang Kaiyin felt that Fang Jingchen and Xi Ying seemed to perfectly match.

Perfectly match?


Fang Jingchen is the man she loves, and she wants to be a partner, so she and Fang Jingchen are a perfect match!

What exactly does this mechanical girl know?

After all, isn’t it a robot bought with money?

A pile of junk!

Liang Kaiyin smiled and answered with a soft “okay,” but as she moved towards the sofa, she was thinking about how to kill Xi Ying.

She’d murdered anybody, much less Xi Ying, a mechanical girl.

Fang Jingchen started to talk when Liang Kaiyin sat down on the sofa.

“Let me introduce you to each other.

Bing Ning, this is Miss Liang Kaiyin, the daughter of our head office’s chairman.

Miss Liang, this is Bing Ning, my mechanical girl.”

Xi Ying gave Liang Kaiyin a friendly smile.

“It turned out to be a mechanical girl. I thought it was your girlfriend,” Liang Kaiyin replied with a smile.

“How could it be? How could it be…”

When he heard this, Fang Jingchen scratched his head, a bit embarrassed.

Girlfriend? He did think so.

But the time is not yet ripe.

It’s not urgent.

In Xi Ying’s eyes, a layer of scorn appeared.

Liang Kaiyin was embarrassed to say these things.

How could she have done this series of actions at the kitchen door just now if she really believed she was Fang Jingchen’s girlfriend?

If she was actually Fang Jingchen’s girlfriend, she’d be furious when she saw this scene.

Xi Ying’s gaze went across Fang Jingchen.

She could see by his look that he didn’t understand what Liang Kaiyin was saying.

He doesn’t even know how eloquently Liang Kaiyin said this.

This just confirms a sentence –

Only a woman knows who the green tea b*tch is.

Following that, Fang Jingchen and Liang Kaiyin were basically speaking.

Fang Jingchen wanted to talk about work with Liang Kaiyin, but Liang Kaiyin consistently turned the conversation around on him.

For example, what sort of food does he like eating? What zodiac sign is he? What blood type is he? Does he have any favourite stars? And so on.

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