Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 366

Chapter 366

Xi Ying couldn’t stop yawning at the end of the chat.

“Are you tired, Bin Ning?” Fang Jingchen abruptly paused his chat with Liang Kaiyin and asked with concern.

He took a look at the time.

It’s ten o’clock at night.

“I’m a bit sleepy. It’s okay. You continue to chat. I’ll always be there for you.” Xi Ying’s brows and eyes were curled, and she smiled warmly.

But she had a tired look in her eyes.

“No, since you’re tired, go to bed.”

You’ve done a lot today, so you must be exhausted.”

Fang Jingchen’s concern for Xi Ying was unfathomable.

This made Liang Kaiyin very sensitive to unusual behavior.

“All right, that’s good.” Xi Ying didn’t offer many explanations.

“Miss Liang, then you and Jingchen may chat a bit longer. I’ll go to rest first,” she remarked politely to Liang Kaiyin.

You don’t have to clean up when you finish your tea; I’ll do it when I get up tomorrow morning.”

Xi Ying smiled sweetly again after speaking, then turned around and headed inside her room.

When Xi Ying vanished from the two’s sight, Liang Kaiyin feigned to be curious and asked, “Fang Jingchen, while I haven’t purchased a mechanical girl, I know something.”

Will the mechanical girl be sleepy?

I know they sleep like humans, but aren’t they okay without sleep?

“Did I notice anything wrong just now since I couldn’t see the sleepy expression in Bing Ning’s eyes?”

“I think Bing Ning is a unique mechanical girl.” Fang Jingchen looked into Xi Ying’s room with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. “And since I activated her, I have not treated her as a mechanical girl.

She is a member of my family in my heart.

So, it is normal for her to be sleepy.”

And Fang Jingchen didn’t tell Liang Kaiyin that Bing Ning had not slept the night before.

Maybe she appeared tired today since she hadn’t gotten enough rest throughout the day and night.

“Even if she is a human being in your heart, it cannot change the reality that she is, after all, a robot.

A robot that is not sleepy at all. She shows sleepiness after seeing me here.

Does Bing Ning hate me because she doesn’t want to see me?”

It turns out that Liang Kaiyin spoke a lot previously, all to set the stage for the last line!

She wanted to provoke the relationship between Xi Ying and Fang Jingchen.

She wanted Fang Jingchen to believe that this mechanical girl was a scheming b*itch!

“Really? Why didn’t I see that Bing Ning hates you? Miss Liang, are you overthinking things?” Fang Jingchen seemed perplexed.

How does this relate to hating and liking?

“Really, I won’t lie to you; this is my female intuition!” Liang Kaiyin carried out a thorough analysis for Fang Jingchen.

“Let me tell you, from the minute I walked in the door, I saw a spark of hatred in her eyes.

I assumed she was your girlfriend at the time, so I understand her hostility.

But, strangely enough, she has always been quite nice and courteous to me when I walked through the door.

She is gentler now, especially after you came out!

But then I saw she was nothing more than a robot.

Why is a mechanical girl hostile toward me? Why did she leave the living room after lying about being sleepy?

That’s because she dislikes me and wants you to dismiss me in this way.

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