Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 367

Chapter 367

My God, I didn’t expect a mechanical girl to be that scheming and plotting to take over you!

Fang Jingchen, you live with the mechanical girl who is scheming all day long. Aren’t you afraid that one day she will show you something bad?

Are you not worried that she may cause you to grow old alone, unable to marry or have children?”

Liang Kaiyin was excited, but Fang Jingchen was taken aback by her words.

“She wants to take over me?”

Bing Ning… do you want to occupy him?

Is it possible that Bing Ning… also likes him?

This thought caused Fang Jingchen’s heart to throb, his eyes to become somewhat dull, and his cheeks gradually turned red.

“Fang Jingchen? Fang Jingchen?” Liang Kaiyin thought he had listened to her words when he saw his fascination.

“You’d better think about it for yourself. I’ll leave today, and I’ll come back to you when I have time.

You can call me if you don’t understand.”

Liang Kaiyin pulled a business card from her wallet and placed it on the coffee table.

She saw that Fang Jingchen was pondering something.

It must be what she just said.

Liang Kaiyin stood up and went away from the sofa.

She cast a scornful gaze when she passed by Xi Ying’s room.

Do you want to fight with me?

You shabby robot isn’t scheming enough!

Liang Kaiyin moved away haughtily.

She had no idea that she had not only failed to influence Xi Ying’s place in Fang Jingchen’s heart, but that Fang Jingchen’s favorability towards Xi Ying had risen.

Simply said, it’s a blessing.

[Reporting to the host, Fang Jingchen’s favorability for you has reached 70%!]

While taking a bath, Xi Ying heard Xiao Yiyi’s prompt tone.

Xi Ying raised her jade-coloured legs and blew off the foam that had been smeared on them. Her vision was foggy.

What did Liang Kaiyin say outside? Or do anything outside?

How did Fang Jingchen’s favorability rise from 50% to 70% in such a short time?

It does not appear that achieving 100% favorability will be difficult.

Now it’s time for her to consider the side tasks.

[Host, do you want to obtain Fang Jingchen’s heart?]

“Or else.” Xi Ying casually stirred the water, and the foam slipped between her fingers.

[Would you then want to kill Fang Jingchen?]

“I will give him my mechanical heart so he doesn’t have to die.”

According to the original mission specifications, Fang Jingchen did not do any active harm to Bing Ning, nor did he kill her. However, Bing Ning died because of him.

Bing Ning died for Fang Jingchen.

And Fang Jingchen’s partiality shows that he loves Bing Ning.

He loves someone, but he can’t protect her, and he watches her being injured repeatedly.

Just keep silent, just so that you don’t lose your job.

He’s such a coward!

Such a man does not deserve to be loved!

As a result, Xi Ying decided to go deep into his heart to pay tribute to Bing Ning, who was unjustly killed by Liang Kaiyin.

Isn’t it fair to exchange one heart for another?

[Host, how will you lead the robot revolution?] Xiao Yiyi shifted the subject and asked.

Xi Ying hasn’t told her about it yet.

Because Xi Ying does not yet have a clear approach.

“If we want humans to respect robots, the first step must be for robots to have human-like bodies.”

This thought had previously occurred to Xi Ying.

The first step will remain unchanged regardless of the strategy.

[Do you mean the robot is equipped with human limbs, Host? But where did all these limbs come from? The robot would be half mechanical and half-human if it just had one arm but no legs.]

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