Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 368

Chapter 368

[Uh…that picture is so beautiful I can’t even imagine it.]

“Do you know there’s an idiom in this world called ‘to bite words and chew characters’?” [efn note] to bite words and chew characters (idiom); punctilious about minutiae of wording. [/efn note] Xi Ying’s amber eyes shone with brilliance.

Not a light of beauty and hope, but a light of evil and destruction.

[Eh? What do you mean, host?]

“Who are the three robot laws targeted at?”


“Does that mean that as long as I don’t attack ‘human’, I can attack any other creature?”

When Xi Ying lifted her arm, water poured down from the air and splashed the foam.

Her eyes were chilly in the sparkling water.

[This is true, but you can’t attack pigs, cows, sheep, host, right? Don’t you want robots with human limbs?]

Xiao Yiyi couldn’t stop giggling at the thought of the robot having a pig’s head.

“Should I call you stupid, or should I call you slow-witted?”

During the conversation with Xiao Yiyi, Xi Ying’s mind gradually formed a plan.

[…Aren’t stupid and slow-witted synonyms? Don’t think you can bully me if I read too little, Host.]

“Not everyone in this world can be called a human.

On death row, everyone there is called—


Xiao Yiyi was taken aback by Xi Ying’s words.

“Those who embezzle, accept bribes, and use their influence to cover up their crimes will be held accountable if their crimes are uncovered.

They, too, are not human.”

“After all, who said I wanted a broken limb and an arm? What is a robot’s heart made of? It’s the core chip,” Xi Ying remarked, tapping her forehead twice with her white fingertips.

“At that point, just remove the robot’s core chip and implant it in the brains of those ‘humans.’

Then, don’t you become a human?”

[Fuck… the host… Why do I think that picture will be bloody just by making up my brain?]

“It’s not like it’s going to be bloody.” Xi Ying raised her finger and shook it twice. Her amber eyes gradually turned red, and the smile on her lips seemed to be stained with a touch of scarlet.

“It will undoubtedly be bloody.”

[Host, is this really okay? Why am I still feeling a bit overwhelmed? Would you want to start by looking for a ‘bastard’ to experiment with?]

“There’s no need to look for it; the target has been determined.” Xi Ying’s eyes narrowed slightly.

[Who is it?]

“Kaiyin Liang.”


Xi Ying awoke at six o’clock the following morning.

As she left the room, she saw no unwashed tea utensils in the living room or kitchen.

Fang Jingchen seems to have already cleaned up last night.

At that moment, Fang Jingchen’s door opened.

He seemed to be heading out in a sports outfit.

“Good morning, Bing… Bing Ning.” Fang Jingchen’s cheeks flushed scarlet at a breakneck pace as soon as he noticed Xi Ying.

He shyly looked away from Xi Ying.

Xi Ying: “?”

“Good morning, Jingchen. Where are you going so early in the morning?” Xi Ying took a step toward Fang Jingchen.

Fang Jingchen became extremely upset and depressed as soon as this was said.

Obviously, Liang Kaiyin had already visited his apartment yesterday, and he thought he was relieved.

He didn’t expect her to contact him at 5 a.m. this morning and invite him to go hiking!

Climbing a mountain…


He had intended to spend his lovely weekend with Bing Ning, but it was wasted on Liang Kaiyin.

Fang Jingchen had planned to take Bing Ning to the zoo, botanical garden, or something similar.

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