The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 53.1

Jiang Shining’s forwarded v-blog quickly exceeded 100,000 retweets. Over a million people retweeted 4T MV’s original v-blog.

The MV has reached millions of people; of course, there will be a hired water army and fans who will spontaneously organize rounds, but Jiang Shining’s popularity is so high that she could not have predicted it. More than 100,000 retweets and comments, catching up with a small traffic star.

Things had reached a boiling point, and it felt like riding a tiger.

She had to appear at first in order for the first variety show to be a success, and now it seems to be done very well. Later, she discovered that only after she became famous and frequently appeared online did all of the other children find her other than Jing Xuan. She expected the last two sons to appear at some point.

At that time, she would gradually reduce her exposure and wait three or five years while remaining low key in order for netizens to forget about her. After all, public figures’ private lives are too easy to spy on.

Artist companies that had previously participated in her variety show began working with Jing Xuan and signed a contract with Xuan Yuan Music.

Xuan Yuan and Ninglu are now truly helping one another.

After a few days, as the hype surrounding 4T waned, the trending search for the female lead in the music video crept up. This is a perfect time. Fans who are too close to the artist may feel rebellious.

Jiang Shining does not need to be concerned because a professional team exists.

Because Ninglu Media is well-known in the industry for its generous treatment of employees, many employees are eager to join the water army and brag about their company in as many places as possible. As a result, for the first time, a large number of application letters poured into Ninglu Media, and many experienced industry professionals are eager to come here.

So, by the end of the year, there were twice as many employees working under the Ninglu banner, and they were all very professional, so Jiang Shining didn’t have to stare at them one by one like she used to.

However, because an entertainment company’s busiest before the year begins, Jiang Shining still comes to the company every day to handle some matters.

Lin Qingqing visited Jiang Shining’s office today, saying she missed her and bringing a bag of melon seeds with her. A few people in the company who had jumped from other companies were taken aback; they had heard before they came that Ninglu Media’s whole family was close and the relationship was especially good. They’ve never seen an actress who hasn’t officially debuted yet take a pocketful of food and distribute it to people around her before running straight to the big boss’s office.

If Ninglu media’s boss was a male president, everyone would have assumed Lin Qingqing and the boss were engaged in some ‘secret activities’ in private.

Lin Qingqing moved a stool and sat next to Jiang Shining in the office. On the table was a bag of melon seeds. While she ate, she talked with Jiang Shining.

“It’s the first time I’ve had so much fun acting, but I don’t like modern dramas. Ningning can I only do ancient dramas in the future?”

“There’s no way.” Jiang Shining is looking at the report. “You think I have no idea what you’re thinking? Don’t avoid taking acting classes.”

Lin Qingqing’s little scheme fell through. She acted in this movie by accident, but she could play the female lead in her own unique way. Lin Qingqing was complacent in her belief that she was gifted and on her way to becoming a movie queen. However, it wasn’t until she was in acting class that she realized the job was too difficult for her.

“I’m so sad. I used to be a very confident person,” Lin Qingqing said, “but now I can’t even recognize myself in class.”

Jiang Shining didn’t hear her sadness with a click.

Jiang Shining got a headache as a result of the sound. “You can fool these modern people with some of your imperial palace acting skills back then, but isn’t it as exaggerated as you say?” she said helplessly.

“You think I’m you! You were the one who seriously fought in the palace in the previous life, not me, okay? Why don’t you just act yourself? If you come out to act, you can ensure our company’s food and clothing.”

“I’ve done enough acting.” Jiang Shining said.

Lin Qingqing did appear to be frustrated as she lowered her head and aggressively ate her melon seeds.

Jiang Shining had a soft heart and had the habit of looking after others. She sighed when she saw Lin Qingqing’s beautiful little appearance that could almost wring out the water.

“What is it that makes it so difficult? I’ll help you if there’s anything you can’t do.”

Lin Qingqing only raised her head and happily picked up her phone to show Jiang Shining.

“Look, the teacher said, to let me feel the subtle expression changes of the actors during the performance. No, she asked me to practice these expressions in front of the mirror…”

Jiang Shining took a look over. The request has the same expression, but she has a different mentality for her assignment. For example, when someone smiles, the motives could be sincere, sunny, loving, or hidden jealousy, which are not the same.

“Take a look at this smile; the eyes are also very important. Even if it’s just an adjective, you must assume that role.”

Jiang Shining gave her several smiles, some affectionate, some with coldness under the eyes, a seductive and provocative smile, and so on. She did not exaggerate her expressions, but even an eye-roll is completely appropriate for the role.

Lin Qingqing was bewildered, as if Jiang Shining’s eyes were magical, as if she portrayed what was imagined. Lin Qingqing stiffened as she looked at Jiang Shining’s teasing eyes. Obviously, she belongs to the sexy one with a naïve and innocent appearance.

 “….No wonder Chou Haoli was played in your hands.” She muttered, “If I were a man, I would gladly give my life for you. How do you manage to act so well?”

Jiang Shining finished her demonstration and returned to her usual unperturbed expression.

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