The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 53.2

Her excellent acting abilities were undoubtedly honed at the Book Fixing Authority before she embarked on her missions. She was exceptionally gifted at it and once taught, she could learn anything she wished. That’s how she wound up on the waitlist for the high-level worlds.

“You have this talent as well. Didn’t you play dumb with me quite well at the time?” Jiang Shining asked.

Lin Qingqing is feeling a little self-conscious. She was forced into the palace in her previous life and had no desire. She had the impression that she couldn’t play with others at all.

But when she entered the palace, she had to stand in line, and Lin Qingqing noticed Jiang Shining in the harem of several major powers, and Jiang Shining was not the most powerful at the time, but she was the most beautiful, so Lin Qingqing chose her. Lin Qingqing used all of her acting skills to act like a simple young lady who was unaware of the world in order to fit in, and it took a lot of effort to get Jiang Shining to accept her.

 Lie all the way to the end to win.

“That’s not because I’m acting; it’s because I’m innocent and cute.” Lin Qingqing hid her face behind her hands.

Jiang Shining didn’t expect Lin Qingqing to make much progress. The friendship in the previous life gave Lin Qingqing an idle job. Jiang Shining could help her, but Jiang Shining saw Lin Qingqing’s potential and encouraged her to pursue a career as an actress.

 “By the way, let me tell you something. I signed another female artist.”

“Who is it?”

“You should know, Feng Fuman.”

“Feng Fuman? She has a big name, and she actually signed it for you?” Lin Qingqing exclaimed, surprised.

Jiang Shining nodded.

“Because I met her in another world, she came to me in this life. When I have time, I’ll host a dinner party so we can get to know each other better…” Jiang Shining noticed Lin Qingqing widen her eyes and purse her lips before the words were finished. “What’s wrong?” Jiang Shining questioned strangely.

Lin Qingqing experienced a tremendous sense of crisis.

“So I’m not the only little sister you have by your side? Feng Fuman is so good,” she stammered. “Isn’t this the one who came here to airborne the older sister?”

“In any case, you’re uninterested in acting. What does it matter to you? Don’t worry. You can play and mix as you please, and I’m not short of your salary,” Jiang Shining reassured.

Lin Qingqing held a handful of melon seeds in her hand, but now she couldn’t eat them because a sour taste was going straight to her head and this vinegar smell was overwhelming.

 Who is Feng Fuman? She was a sexy actress who was many men’s dream lover, sexy, refreshing, bold, and popular with women. One of her films was nominated for foreign awards. She is a mature and professional actress. And who exactly is Lin Qingqing? In ten seconds, she is nothing but perfect looks and only knows how to nibble melon seeds.

She is no longer Jiang Shining’s favourite little sister!

Lin Qingqing stood up and threw the melon seeds back into the bag. Jiang Shining’s head was raised as she moved, unsure of what she was going to do.

“No!” Lin Qingqing is rarely fierce, but her tone is naturally soft. “I want to be the older sister!” she exclaimed loudly, like an angry milk cat.

Then she took her bag, picked up the bag containing the melon seeds, and walked away.

“What are you going to do?” Jiang Shining hadn’t reacted.

“Go back to class!”

She then pushed open the door and walked away.

Jiang Shining: …

 Jiang Shining is a little sluggish. Does Lin Qingqing feel a sense of crisis? But she assured her that she could look after her.

Well… Anyway, this incident appears to have increased Lin Qingqing’s self-motivation; perhaps this is a good thing?

Jiang Shining shook her head helplessly while reading the report.

The secretary entered at this point after knocking on the door.

“Someone sent an invitation letter to the Star Gathering Night a week ago, Boss Jiang. Do you want to come?”

V Bo organizes a large-scale party called the Star Gathering Night, which includes interviews, large-scale performances, and awards, among other things. Every year, all of the stars tend to gather at this party. The party will also invite people from the circle, such as the entertainment company’s big boss, the big producer, and the famous director and arranger.

The original Ninglu Media did not make the cut. But because of its popularity, everyone from its 4T group to Jiang Shining was invited this year.

Jiang Shining didn’t want to go, but then she realized that if she didn’t go this time, how could there be such an occasion with such a diverse cast of stars? She is free to stop by and promote Jing Yuan’s bodyguard company.

“Go. I don’t need to hire another bodyguard,” Jiang Shining explained. “I just found a suitable company to collaborate with.”

Even though they are all family, the normal procedure must continue. Jiang Shining handed the secretary the business card of Jing Yuan Company and asked her to contact him.

The secretary called Jiang Shining a few hours later while she was fishing for fish in the office and playing Bubble Bobble on the computer.

“Boss Jiang, Yuan Xuan International Bodyguard Company representatives are here to sign a contract with the employer; do you want to see them?”

Jiang Shining:?


After a few minutes, the door was pushed open, and a tall man in a dark blue suit with sunglasses in his pocket walked in. The assistant who opened the door for him peeked a few times.

“Hello, Boss Jiang Shining. Do you want to sign a contract with our company?” He said this lazily as he stood still in the center.

 Jiang Shining: “…”

Chu Jing Yuan’s sloppy appearance was taught to him by whom?

 The author has something to say: 

Jing Yuan’s inner OS: Am I handsome or not? ?

Lin Qingqing: How many little sisters QAQ do you still have?

In fact, if there was no oppression in the previous life and the brothers were both from wealthy families, the eldest brother was likely to be a playboy hahahaha.


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