Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 370

Chapter 370

Is it only in a dream that he will show his heart?

Why is this the case?

“Why can’t you come to me at the weekend? Where is your home? Who are you?”

Lu Zijin buried his head on Xi Ying’s shoulder and asked a series of questions.

“I don’t know anything about you, and even if I wanted, I couldn’t find you.”

This is quite unfortunate to say.

Xi Ying comforted him by touching the back of his head.

She refused to tell Lu Zijin that she was a mechanical girl until Fang Jingchen’s master-servant relationship was terminated.

According to his lover’s steady nature, he hopes that Xi Ying is a complete person who belongs entirely to him.

Lu Zijin is no different.

Lu Zijin’s body was stiff after being stroked on the head by Xi Ying, and he didn’t know what to do.

The head is a highly important and sensitive location for certain guys.

It will not be easily touched by others unless there are unique conditions.

Some men’s minds may be filled with lovely thoughts due to this.

Just like Lu Zijin right now.

After a few seconds of being stiff, he suddenly let go of Xi Ying and gently opened the space between them.


He kissed Xi Ying’s lips without warning.

Xi Ying’s pupils dilated somewhat.

She cast a subconscious glance over Lu Zijin’s shoulder.

She saw a red teeth mark on his right shoulder.

[Congratulations to the host for verifying that Lu Zijin was the previous life’s sweetheart!] Xiao Yiyi enthusiastically applauds!

Finally, a kiss!

Will the papapa be far away from the kisses?

The kiss didn’t last long, and it was just a kiss on the lips.

Lu Zijin slid onto the bed after a brief kiss.

He dozed off again.

To be more specific, he was half asleep and half awake from when he held Xi Ying.

Perhaps the kiss just now was too pleasant for him, so he let his drowsiness overtake his clear awareness and fell asleep again.

When she stared at Lu Zijin, who was falling asleep, Xi Ying couldn’t help but smile.

She helped Lu Zijin cover the quilt and adjusted the temperature of the inside air conditioner to a constant temperature.

Then, she leaves the bedroom.

[Reporting to the host, Lu Zijin’s favorability for you has reached 80%!]


It was eleven o’clock in the morning when Lu Zijin awoke.

He yawned and turned on the bedroom lamp to light the room.

He sighed as he remembered the dream.

He dreamed that Bing Ning came into his room and sat on the carpet to watch him. Then he awoke, embraced Bing Ning firmly, and then he…

The dark pupils of Lu Zijin shrank a little.

After that, he kissed Bing Ning!

…how could he be such scum in his dream?

Wait, nothing happened after that?

He didn’t… did he push Bing Ning down or something?

Lu Zijin was flushed with embarrassment.

This dream must be related to his sleeplessness caused by Bing Ning last night.

No, he can’t worry about Bing Ning today since he will read programming books all day!

Lu Zijin got out of bed, changed his clothes, opened the door, and went out.

He could smell a pleasant scent as soon as he entered the door.


Is there an automatic delivery service at the hotel?

This is definitely the aroma of the dish.

If he listens closely, he can hear movement in the direction of the kitchen!

Lu Zijin’s eyes widened with fear.

Is it possible that someone broke into his room?

He can’t afford to be reckless!

There is a lot of news about different burglaries in the community, and Lu Zijin has seen it all.

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