Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 371

Section 371

So he grabbed a remote control –


Lu Zijin felt that the lethality of the remote control seemed to be a little small.

So, he picked up another phone.


There are wires on the phone, and the distance is restricted.

So he chose a vase at random –

En! It is perfect at this moment!

Lu Zijin went cautiously into the kitchen, holding the vase in his hand.

His eyesight gradually enlarged, and the whole image of the kitchen was ready to materialize in front of his eyes!

However, when he saw the back of someone preparing vegetables in the kitchen, he let go of the vase, which immediately dropped to the ground.

Fortunately, the room’s floor is carpeted, so even if the vase falls to the ground, it will not shatter.

It’s Bing Ning.

Xi Ying left the hotel after covering Lu Zijin with a blanket and proceeded to the adjacent grocery to purchase ingredients, fruits, snacks, and other items.

Anyway, because she has nothing to do today, she will compensate Lu Zijin.

Although the hotel’s dishes are wonderful, they can’t compete with her own cooking.

“Bing Ning.” Lu Zijin called her softly.

When Xi Ying heard Lu Zijin call her name, she turned around, her brows curled, and her eyes appeared to be filled with hundreds of stars. “You are awake, Lu Zijin. Wash your hands and be ready to eat shortly.”

Instead of washing his hands, Lu Zijin moved toward Xi Ying when he heard the words.

His eyes flared with astonishment as he looked at a few things on the table.

But this guy just likes to be duplicitous.

“Did you make all of these?” He gestured to several plates on the counter.

“Yeah.” While cooking the final dish, Xi Ying cheerfully asked, “How about it? Do you feel that the color and taste are all perfect, and your saliva is already streaming down?”

Surprisingly, Lu Zijin took a close look at Xi. Ying asked solemnly——

“Can I eat it?”

Xi Ying rolled her eyes at him and let him experience it for himself.

After Xi Ying completed the final dish, she discovered that Lu Zijin had brought all the dishes that had been set on the table.

Her lips curved into a faint smile.

Lu Zijin is simply a representation of the mouth and body’s integrity.

Xi Ying arrived at the table with the final dish, placed it on the table, and sat.

Lu Zijin held a carbonated drink on his left and an orange juice on his right.

There were two glasses in front of him and Xi Ying.

However, no drinks were served.

“What would you want to drink?” Lu Zijin asked casually.

But Xi Ying’s eyes are so sharp!

She just caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of her eye, and she could see Lu Zijin’s somewhat nervous gaze.

Is he waiting for what she wants to drink and drinking the same thing she does?

After some thought, Xi Ying decided to tease Lu Zijin.

“I’d like to drink some orange juice.” She pointed at Lu Zijin’s right hand.

When Lu Zijin heard that Xi Ying wanted orange juice, he opened the orange juice and poured himself a cup first.

Then he reached for Xi Ying’s cup.

“Hey, I’ve changed my mind. I’d like to drink Coke.” The slyness in Xi Ying’s eyes was clear when she changed her answer.

“Didn’t you just say you wanted orange juice?” Lu Zijin was taken aback.

“Don’t you know that wanting to know a woman’s heart is like finding a needle at the bottom of the sea? Bring me a Coke.” Xi Ying rose to her feet and grabbed for the Coke.

But Lu Zijin snatched it right away.

“I’ll help you pour it,” he replied.

Lu Zijin has learned to be obedient, allowing Xi Ying to fall first, and he is not afraid of her going back.

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