Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 372

Chapter 372

He poured himself for first, not because he was selfish, but because he didn’t want Xi Ying to think he was being polite.

“Then I will trouble Young Master Lu,” Xi Ying said, handing up the glass in front of her.

Lu Zijin walked to the cabinet next to him and pulled out another glass after pouring a glass of Coke with bubbles before returning to the dining table.

He also poured himself a Coke.

People who fall in love are supposed to be naïve, and there is some truth to this.

Previously, Lu Zijin would never want to drink the same drink as her just because someone else did.

But now, all he wanted to do was drink the same beverages and eat the same foods as Xi Ying.

This feeling is really indescribable happiness and wonder.

It’s the same reason that fans want to buy products endorsed by their idols.

However, Lu Zijin was so focused on pouring the drink that he didn’t see that the glass that was originally placed on his side with the orange juice had ended up in Xi Ying’s hands.

When he poured out the Coke, he raised his head to look at Xi Ying but found—

She! Was! Actually! Drinking! The! Orange! Juice!

Lu Zijin nearly spits up some old blood.

Why does Bing Ning never play cards according to the routine?

…but he just likes Bing Ning’s quirky character.


Don’t you just run again?

Isn’t he just about to pour another glass of orange juice?

Who is scared of whom?

After taking another glass and pouring another glass of orange juice, Lu Zijin finally worked hard and drank the same drink as Xi Ying.


It is indeed 10,000 times better than ordinary orange juice.

It tasted sweet, as though it were satisfying to his heart.

Xi Ying held back her laughter until she was practically out of breath.

The character of this plane lover is too much fun!


This sad look of being compelled to suffer in quiet makes her want to ravage it.

Xi Ying coughed twice before setting the glass of orange juice down.

“Is orange juice delicious, Lu Zijin?” she asked.

“Delicious.” Lu Zijin nodded, his gaze fixed on the orange drink in his palm, making a serious evaluation.

It seemed as if he was sipping nectar jelly instead of orange juice.

“Do I look good then?” Xi Ying dug a pit for Lu Zijin gently.

“…” Lu Zijin didn’t jump into this pit!

However, he answered quietly in his heart: “It’s beautiful.”

“All right, let’s not embarrass you any longer; let’s eat.” Xi Ying was the first to move her chopsticks.

Neither of them said anything throughout the twenty-minute eating period.

Lu Zijin is not a talkative person by nature, and he is very strict about not talking while he eats.

When Xi Ying wanted to communicate for the first time, she saw his eating expression and realized what he was doing.

Lu Zijin volunteered to wash the plates after everyone had finished eating and drinking.

“Okay, then you can wash it.” Xi Ying was not polite at all.

She helped Lu Zijin clean up the tableware and then saw Lu Zijin in the kitchen washing the tableware.

“Lu Zijin, I actually have something to ask you.”


“Liang Kaiyin, what type of animosity do you have for her? Is your family’s death linked to her family’s, based on what she said?”

Lu Zijin paused while washing the dishes.

When Xi Ying observed his movement, she remarked, It’s okay if you don’t want to respond; I’m only curious about your past. Everyone has secrets, not to mention unpleasant experiences like the one shown by this scar.

I’m sorry for being so abrupt.”

Xi Ying pondered how to find out what had happened to Lu Zijin.

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