Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 373

Chapter 373

Many other choices are available, but none of them is as direct as asking Lu Zijin directly.

As a result, she chose this method.

However, based on Lu Zijin’s reaction, the situation is not optimistic.

“No…” As if nothing had changed, Lu Zijin began to wash the tableware.

However, if she pays close attention to his voice, she will notice that it is unstable.

There was some trembling.

“It isn’t abrupt. If you’re interested, I can tell you.

However, it is possible that after you listen, the image of me in your heart will be completely destroyed.”

Lu Zijin raised his gaze to Xi Ying, his black eyes like black crystals on the verge of shattering and crumbling.

“Do you still want to listen, Bing Ning?”

Xi Ying gave him a serious look.

There is a power in amber eyes that can warm people’s hearts.

She was using this invisible way to soothe Lu Zijin’s trembling heart.

And Lu Zijin gazed at Xi Ying’s amber pupils as if immersed in the warm world she had created.

It’s like being bewitched.

“No. Even if you are a demon crawling out of hell, I will embrace you with open arms,” Xi Ying said softly at this point.

Lu Zijin wiped away a tear from the corner of his eyes.

The water is crystal clear and sour.

“My parents were alive and well five years ago, and my family was happy.”

I never worried about money because I attended the best aristocratic school as a child and went abroad to study as an adult.

When I returned home, I became the general manager of my father’s company.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until that woman appeared.

Ya’er is a new intern in the company’s early stages.

Her appearance is unremarkable, but she is very knowledgeable; regardless of what others say, she can put her ideas forward and speak well.

My father noticed her over time.

Companies must keep this malleable talent because such interns are a valuable resource.

However, when the internship period arrived, she chose to leave.

My father is the company’s chairman, and he has been watching her. When he learns this, he will, of course, take the initiative to approach her.

But this conversation brought Ya’er and my father to an agreement.

If we want her to stay, we must allow her to come to our house every weekend.

She told her father that it was because she had a crush on me and hoped to use this method to get my attention.

But she won’t ask for more help, and if I don’t like her within three months, she won’t come to the house anymore.

She requested that my father keep the matter private, and he agreed.

Her father has brought her home for the weekend every week since that day.

Even though my father had promised Ya’er that he would keep it a secret, he told my mother.

My mother at first expressed understanding, so she was polite to Ya’er in the months before she arrived at the house.

But, starting in the second month, my father was on a business trip abroad, leaving only me, my mother, and her at home.

I’ve never been around her, so I’m not sure what she said to her mother.

All I know is that my mother called my father unexpectedly one day, and they were arguing a lot.

It was also Sunday the day before.

When Ya’er came to the house after that, my mother would never give her a good look, let alone my father.

For nearly two months, my father and mother had been arguing.

Finally, it was Ya’er’s last weekend at home.

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