Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 374

Chapter 374

That weekend, as I passed by the living room, I overheard Ya’er tell my mother that she was there for my father, not for me.

In fact, she said that she and my father were already in a relationship.

These words caused my mother to pass out.

I dialed 120 and dashed over to throw Ya’er to the ground.

My father came downstairs at the same time and reprimanded me for my behavior.

I told my father what I saw, but Ya’er said she knew nothing, which made me feel bad because I didn’t like her and used this method to slander her innocence.

She also claimed that my mother fainted because I argued with her and enraged her to the point of fainting.

I’ve never been in a situation like this before, and I’m at a loss as to what to do with this woman.

I can only wait for 120 to arrive so that when my mother wakes up, I can show her the true ugly face!

My father clearly believed Ya’er’s words because he consoled her while accusing me.

Ya’er was crying with tears dripping down her right hand’s palm.

She then took two cups of boiled water in her hand.

She told my father that she wanted to toast him with water rather than wine because there had been such a big misunderstanding today.

She will never appear in front of us again after drinking.

I saw her hand the water glass she was holding in her right hand to her father.

I stood there watching my father toast her and drink the glass of boiled water.

But I didn’t know at that time… I had no idea Ya’er was a mechanical girl! I had no idea Ya’er’s tears were poisonous! I’m not sure how the poison can get into the liquid along the cup’s wall!

I had no idea my father would die in five seconds!

Then my father is no longer alive.

Poisoned to death by a glass of highly poisonous boiled water!

For the first time, I realized what is known as seven aperture bleeding.

Ya’er walked in front of me after successfully poisoning my father, and I’m not sure what she made my mother smell, but her mother awoke immediately.

She told my mother that my father would not have committed suicide by poison if it hadn’t been for my mother’s suspicion!

I shook my head wildly and exclaimed to my mother, “It’s not like that!”

But my mother only sees my father, who died due to bloodshed; how can she listen to me?

She struggled to stand, and no matter how tightly I gripped her, I couldn’t stop her.

At the time, I realized how desperate a person can be when they are so strong.

My mother knelt in front of my father, her hands trembling, helping my father close his eyes.

I was so enraged that I ran to Ya’er and wanted her to die.

But I didn’t expect that when I punched Ya’er in the face, it would be my hand that was deformed, not her face.

She mockingly looked at me and told me she was a mechanical girl, a robot.

It’s impossible for me to kill her with my bare hands.”

Lu Zijin has already burst into tears as a result of this.

“Do you have any idea how desperate I was at the time, Bing Ning?

Do you know how I felt when she said she was a mechanical girl who wouldn’t leave any traces of the crime? Even if the cops arrived, would they be able to solve the case?

I still wanted to hit her, but she stood there motionless and let me.

I didn’t know the robot’s weakness was its head at the time, and even if I had known, I couldn’t smash her head.

My mother smashed the glass and slashed her artery with the shards.

When I saw that scene, my heart tightened, and I felt I couldn’t breathe.

In a frenzy, I dashed to my mother’s side to aid her in squeezing the blood vessels and kept repeating in her ear, “Don’t die, don’t die.”

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