Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 375

Chapter 375

That, however, is the aorta.

And my mother slashed it deeply.

It was bleeding quickly.

My father’s and mother’s blood quickly soaked the carpet beneath my feet.

My mother’s pulse soon stopped as well.

Bing Ning, I lost two close relatives in a half-hour span.

The two people I love and who love me the most in this world.”

Xi Ying’s eyes were filled with sadness, and she reached out to take Lu Zijin into her arms.

She had no idea that Lu Zijin had lived such a miserable life!


A life that is similar to hers.

“Later, 120 arrived, and Ya’er fled.

While I was dealing with my parents’ funeral, confidential company documents were frequently stolen, and the company’s adversaries were aware of all important plans and schemes.

That’s why my family’s business hasn’t done well since then. It has been stifled by other businesses, framed by opponents with various conspiracy theories, and then gone bankrupt.

And I just found out that Ya’er is Liang Kaiyin’s mechanical girl, and Liang Kaiyin is my company’s main competitor and the daughter of Aotian Company’s chairman.

Aotian took over after the company went bankrupt. Furthermore, he had a lot of original ideas for my project, so he jumped to the top and is now the top company.

My father was buried underground, while Liang Kaiyin’s father became the richest man.”

Lu Zijin’s voice came from Xi Ying’s arms, slightly dull but with a heavy nasal tone.

I was alone after declaring bankruptcy, and I didn’t dare face the brutal killing of my family, the mechanical girl who would kill without blinking, or the debt collectors.

So I willingly became a tramp and spent the day living like an ostrich.

Bing Ning, I know I’m a coward and that I’m not a man!

You can scold me and look down on me!”

“Fool, why should I scold you?” Xi Ying gently stroked Lu Zijin’s soft black hair. You are the most vulnerable victim in this situation, and I pity you before it’s too late.

“As for cowardice.

Your life has always been smooth sailing, with no major storms to contend with.

When something happens out of nowhere, you are brave enough to come out on top.

There is hope for everything as long as you live.

It’s too late for vengeance or to resurrect your family business.”

For a moment, Lu Zijin, who was in her arms, seemed stunned, as if he didn’t believe Xi Ying’s response.

“Really? Do you think I’m brave enough?”

“Well, you’re brave. If you were cowardly, you might have killed yourself in the first place.

But you didn’t, and I believe you have some expectations in your heart.

Because I don’t believe you are scared of death.

Lu Zijin, you’re not afraid of death. Aren’t you brave enough?”

“But I couldn’t avenge my parents at the time because I was still hiding, so…” Lu Zijin counted up his “crimes.”

“Didn’t you say the mechanical girl committed a crime and there’s no evidence of it?

I believe you must have tried a lot at first and eventually discovered that your efforts were futile, so you’re discouraged, right?”

Xi Ying’s words are like a big, gentle hand slowly healing the wounds in Lu Zijin’s heart.


Lu Zijin finally admitted that he chose to degenerate because he had done everything he could, but he couldn’t get rid of the murderer and mastermind behind the scenes.

More and more depraved, more and more terrified of the outside world.

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