Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 376

Chapter 376

It’s a never-ending cycle.

Xi Ying’s cell phone rang just as Lu Zijin’s mood began to improve.

This is the phone that Fang Jingchen purchased for her when she returned last night.

Fang Jingchen’s ID card was used to register the SIM card.

Lu Zijin stepped away from Xi Ying’s embrace and wiped his tears.

And Xi Ying picked up the phone.


“Hello there, Bing Ning! We fell off a cliff and are now dangling from a tree branch! I called 110 about half an hour ago, but they still haven’t found us!

I can only rely on you, Bing Ning. You’ll be able to find me, right?”

The phone rang, and Fang Jingchen’s panicked but calm voice came through.

“All right, wait for me.”

“Sorry, I have something to do temporarily and I need to go first,” Xi Ying said as she hung up the phone.

“It’s okay, you can go,” Lu Zijin said as he waved his hand away from Xi Ying.

Xi Ying decisively left.

Her master is still Fang Jingchen.

If the master dies, the mechanical girl bound to the master will be destroyed automatically!

Xi Ying didn’t want to end up in a state of self-destruction.

Lu Zijin turned around after Xi Ying had left.

The eyes, which were originally black and white, were now red and swollen, which was extremely upsetting.

He remembered what Xi Ying had just said to him, and his heart was suddenly filled with strength.

Yes, everything is still in time.

He’s still alive, and as long as he’s alive, there’s still hope!

So, after washing the tableware and chopsticks, Lu Zijin sat down in front of the hotel computer.

Begin writing virus code based on the programming knowledge over the last five years.

Because the law cannot punish mechanical girls, he will use his own means to punish them!


Xi Ying has Fang Jingchen’s location map in her mind.

She hurried in the direction of the location.

At the same time, Ya’er, Liang Kaiyin’s mechanical girl, also hurried in the same direction.

Liang Kaiyin is a better user of mechanical girls than Fang Jingchen.

So she didn’t need to call Ya’er to let her know she was in danger.

Ya’er took a step back as soon as she saw Xi Ying at the mountain’s base.

She still remembered Xi Ying’s punch in the mall.

When Xi Ying saw Ya’er, she remembered what Lu Zijin had said: he punched Ya’er’s face, but her face did not deform, but his hand did.

Ya’er, on the other hand, was bleeding after her last punch.

The old mechanical girl’s system appears to be being updated by the new mechanical girl’s system.

“I know you are a mechanical girl.” Xi Ying said to Ya’er.

Ya’er frowned. Her heart was tense, and she remained silent.

“It was told to me by Liang Kaiyin.” Xi Ying lied without blushing.

And Ya’er was taken aback.

Did the lady tell her?

Liang Kaiyin did not inform Ya’er of her encounter with Xi Ying the night before.

Because Liang Kaiyin thought it was a shame.

She was threatened by a mechanical girl?

How could Liang Kaiyin have told Ya’er about such a heinous crime?

What’s the point of humiliating yourself?

Liang Kaiyin was embarrassed to even be in front of her mechanical girl.

She was well aware that the mechanical girl’s anthropomorphism was becoming increasingly realistic. If she told Ya’er, she wondered if Ya’er would secretly laugh at her.

This is why Liang Kaiyin overthinks things.

No matter how much she resembles a human being, the mechanical girl is still a robot.

The robot does not have a true mind; all of its actions are dictated by a program written in the core chip.

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