Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 377

Chapter 377

It can only follow other people’s ideas and obey orders in many cases.

Unlike Xi Ying, she’s an outsider… Because she possesses a soul

Seeing that Ya’er was taken aback, Xi Ying continued: “Liang Kaiyin wasn’t home last night, was she? She went to find me and spoke to me a lot.

“Complaining about me?” Ya’er was surprised.

“Yeah, it’s you. Do you want to know what she said to me?” Xi Ying asked inductively.

“…Want,” Ya’er responded after a brief struggle.

She was still curious about how the lady described her in front of strangers.

Ya’er’s consent made Xi Ying aware that Ya’er’s IQ was lower than the new mechanical girl.

Ya’er was the mechanical girl who was released five years ago.

So Xi Ying and Ya’er went to a milk tea shop near the mountain’s bottom and sat down.

Because she opened a plug-in, Xi Ying could be so calm with Ya’er here.

She asked Xiao Yiyi if Fang Jingchen was in danger now and how long they could last.

Xiao Yiyi’s response is: [They will be safe.]

As a result, Xi Ying prepares to complete her Lord God’s task first.

Ya’er also confirmed that her owner, Liang Kaiyin, is not in danger of losing her life.

Xi Ying and Ya’er each placed a cup of pearl milk tea in front of them in the milk tea shop.

“She told me she thinks you’re ugly.” Xi Ying sipped his milk tea and casually tossed the first bomb.

Ya’er has already been fried by the first one.

Even though she is only a mechanical girl, she has been activated and has lived for five years.

She values her appearance just as much as any other human being.

She thought she was attractive, and the lady kept complimenting her on her unique appearance!

But she had no idea the young lady would call her ugly in front of strangers!

“She said you murdered someone,” Xi Ying said in a voice only the two of them could hear as she set down her milk tea and raised her eyes to look at Ya’er.

Ya’er nearly knocked over the milk tea next to her.


Did Miss tell her about this? !

How can it be!

Isn’t she a good relationship with Lu Zijin? Didn’t Miss always despise Lu Zijin and hate Lu Zijin? How could the lady tell her about this?

Could it be that…

Is Miss trying to win her over?

Seeing the change in the expression on Ya’er’s face, Xi Ying smiled slightly. “I know what you’re thinking. Do you think that Liang Kaiyin saw that I had a good relationship with Lu Zijin, so she wanted to bribe me to deal with Lu Zijin?

No, you’re wrong.

These words were not said when she was in a safe situation.

Oh, by the way, I don’t seem to have introduced myself to you.

My name is Bing Ning.”

“I am also a mechanical girl,” Xi Ying said friendly to Ya’er, her smile revealing an evil light on the corner of her mouth.

Ya’er was taken aback!

She is actually a mechanical girl? !

“So, our positions are the same, and we are allies.” Xi Ying came to this conclusion.

Her amber eyes met Ya’er’s without a blink, and she said, word by word, “In a time of crisis, Liang Kaiyin’s first thought was to push you out.

Tsk tsk, do you think it’s worth it because you worked so hard for her before?

As a peer, I don’t believe it’s worthwhile.

So here I have an idea. I can get you out of this life if you want. ”

Xi Ying is like a demagogue standing in the dark, with a mysterious and dangerous light floating on her body.

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