The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 56.1

Bai Sa had no choice but to bite the bullet in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Lie down here,” Xu Qiu said, motioning to the reclining chair.

The bed is made of metal, but Xu Qiu used the workshop yesterday to make a slightly smaller cushion so that the cubs don’t feel too hard to lie on, causing their bones to hurt.

Bai Sa laid down, and Xu Qiu pressed the button according to the system’s instructions.

It was fully intelligent automatic equipment that even a fool could operate and understand.

A group of cubs surrounded Bai Sa and Xu Qiu as if they were performing some strange ritual.

“Principal, is it okay?” The little fox asked in fear as she stood behind Bai Sa. Her tiny heart was thumping hard.

“I haven’t even begun the inspection; how can it be quick?”

Half of the fluffy cat’s head appeared on the screen, and only half of the small ears, which were slightly shaking in the air, could be seen.

Bai Sa didn’t even open his mouth when the cubs actually realized.

Xu Qiu raised the sensor above the instrument and pointed it at Bai Sa.

Above the device, there is a full light. After all, the inside of the mouth is very dark, and seeing the situation without lighting is impossible.

Sufficient light can make someone’s face appear snow-white, but kittens are born white, and the light makes Bai Sa’s snow-white fur glow.

When Xu Qiu changed the focal length, a high-resolution cat’s face appeared on the screen. It was adorable and lovely.

“Okay, now you can open your mouth, open it wider, and pronounce ‘ah’ or ‘oh,’ she said warmly.

So Bai Sa’s mouth opened slightly: “o”

Despite the kitten’s adorable pouting mouth, Xu Qiu simply admired it and asked him to open his mouth wider.

“It’s a capital O, not a lowercase o.”

He clearly wasn’t afraid when he showed his teeth before. What’s the matter with Bai Sa’s attitude today?

Wait a second. Xu Qiu shifted her gaze away from the top of the screen, raised her head, and gazed at the other cubs.

Good guy, Bai Sa had all nine pairs of eyes staring at him.

In the last two days, whether it was Lily or Bai Sa, they tried to speak as little as possible because speaking would expose their defective teeth to the other cubs.

Jin Xingxing also made Lily a small mask to cover her face because her teeth were really out of place.

Her speech was a little sloppy, which the other cubs saw because of wearing a mask.

Lily was determined not to be with Yuan Jiu when she brushed her teeth and washed her face in the morning.

After all, Yuan Jiu has a big mouth, and as for Bai Sa, everyone is a brother in trouble, and no one wants to laugh at anyone.

Bai Sa’s teeth were more hidden, and he didn’t like to talk much. Xu Qiu asked him for his thoughts, but he didn’t want to wear a mask.

But if he opens his mouth, he can’t hide the fact that he’s lost his teeth, and as a cub, he does feel embarrassed. In fact, a child’s self-esteem is far greater than that of an adult who has been beaten by society.

“Don’t crowd around. Retreat behind a meter or so,” Xu Qiu had no choice but to say.

She made a visual observation: “One meter is the distance between the third horizontal line and the door. Just stand there.”

“Teacher Jin, come in, let everyone line up, and help maintain order,” Xu Qiu said to Jin Xingxing.

The cubs will sneak aside and hurt Bai Sa if they are not careful.

Jin Xingxing stood in front of the cubs, blocking Bai Sa with her fluffy body.

When the other cubs were far away, Xu Qiu raised her hand, pressed a button, and the chair followed her.

This time, Bai Sa was obedient and opened his mouth wide, allowing the screen to show his oral condition in full.

A long, slender lamp hung from the ceiling and poked into Bai Sa’s mouth.

Bai Sa’s hair stood up instantly, and he clenched his teeth subconsciously to crush the foreign object.

While pressing the machine, Xu Qiu said to Bai Sa, “Don’t be nervous, relax. It won’t hurt you when I’m here.”

Bai Sa closed his eyes, his paws uncontrollably grasping the metal bedboard beneath him.

Time appears to have passed for an extended period, and it seems that a single moment has passed, and the air has condensed.

The other cubs were tense. They were like, ‘You grab me, I grab you.’ Yuan Jiu was flying above when he realized he couldn’t close his wings, so he grabbed his right claw with his left claw and swayed crookedly in the air.

“Okay, it’s over. The next one.”

“Is that it?!”

The cubs were so taken aback that Xu Qiu looked at the video and said, “Yeah, it’s over. I said it wasn’t that long.”

Machine inspection is similar to taking photographs, but it is much faster.

The results of the follow-up analysis should be read slowly, and it is now just a matter of taking pictures and entering them into the information database.

“Everyone, one by one, Lily, you’re the second one. I can hear your stomach drumming now.”

 With the warrior Bai Sa becoming an example for everyone, the remaining cubs followed one by one, and they were pretty proud when they came down: “I’ll just say, it’s not scary at all, it’s not scary at all, you still say so terrifying.”

It’s similar to the children who are waiting in line for vaccines. When they are queuing, they are very nervous.

The needle was pricked and retracted after gently wiping the cotton swab with alcohol. Most people did not feel it, except for a small red dot on their arm.

They are nervous and afraid at this time, and it is solely to frighten themselves. The cubs were cowards who could grit their teeth before the fight, but they transformed into young warriors once they got through it.

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