The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 56.2

Xu Qiu stayed after the inspection to sort through the data.

“The final item has been inspected. Let’s go out for breakfast and then return to the classroom. This morning, there will be no class, but classes will resume as usual in the afternoon.”

Even if the examination isn’t as frightening as everyone thinks, the cubs detest the clinic. When Xu Qiu looked up after she finished speaking, a group of cubs had already vanished.

“Principal, I’ll stay with you to sort out the reports together,” Jin Xingxing said.

“Please sort out the other reports and put them on the shelf when they’re sorted,” Xu Qiu said.

She plans to check the cubs every six months, as this is the first time they have had a physical examination.

The clinic is usually not empty, and minor ailments can be treated here.

This clinic also has microscopes and can be used as a biological experiment class and a chemistry experiment class for the cubs.

Even though there are several projects, the processing speed is still breakneck because there are only ten cubs.

Xu Qiu compared the system’s numerical data and determined that the cubs were healthy.

When she came here, these cubs may have been malnourished due to starvation, but they had no physical problems after raising them for several months.

Zhu Niang and You Yu’s mental states have also improved, most likely because of Xu Qiu’s instilling the belief that everyone can go out eventually. They will not consider suicide if they have goals and dreams.

The wounds on the teeth of the little fox and Bai Sa have been determined to be collision objects.

The cups’ cells were active and recently underwent rapid development.

Xu Qiu read more information, but she didn’t fully comprehend it.

Each cub’s data is quite different, which has a lot to do with the different types of blood flowing through their bodies.

Xu Qiu was guided by the system, and she could only see this point. Jin Xingxing understands nothing and is perplexed when she sees the data.

But she was relieved to see that Xu Qiu had stamped the back with a healthy stamp.

Fortunately, if there is any hidden damage in Lily’s body, she is afraid that she will not be able to sleep well day and night.

“Can you tell me when the collar on them will be untied?”

Lily is not an ordinary animal without her own mind. She is still young and can spend all of her time in kindergarten, but the world is so big that Jin Xingxing still wants Lily to go out and explore.

Xu Qiu sighed and shook her head: “I’m not sure either. She should be able to leave when this planet becomes prosperous.”

The collar around Lily’s neck was made of a unique material that couldn’t be broken by an outside force.

None of these cubs is weak, and if they could, they would have broken the shackles and fled.

On the other hand, the collar adapts to the size of the cubs. This can keep the cubs from being strangled to death as the collar gets bigger as they grow older.

Although the original intent of this ring design was to prevent the cubs from becoming too thin and successfully remove the collar.

After all, Qing Sha and Hua Lan have the least amount of thickness variation from top to bottom.

Otherwise, Qing Sha is capable of shedding his skin and getting out of the old skin, and he will undoubtedly be free of the collar’s shackles.

He hasn’t been able to get out of the collar, though.

“If the principal said so, then I’m relieved.”

Jin Xingxing had known about Xu Qiu’s situation for a long time and knew she was not in the same group as the people who signed the contract when they first met.

“All right, let’s not talk about it; let’s first teach them a lesson.”

They can’t do much, but they can try to teach the cubs more.

Jin Xingxing nodded and added, “The funds for the kindergarten are enough, and I’d like to buy some books for them.”

 Jin Xingxing has physical books and electronic versions.

Knowledge is easy to obtain in this day and age, but more in-depth knowledge is becoming increasingly expensive.

The cubs are extremely intelligent, and after a while of teaching them, she realized that her brain was insufficient.

Xu Qiu’s face lit up with a smile: “You definitely can. However, keep in mind that the book list should be chosen with care.”

“That’s for sure! I’ll show you the choice when the time comes.”

The future is full of hope.

When Jin Xingxing left, Xu Qiu packed her belongings, turned off the clinic’s power and water, and exited the room.

She cast a glance around at the still-dark areas.

“Can you use everything here?”

Previously, metal materials were not enough. According to Jasper, those who conducted research for Bai Sa and others should not return here in the future.

There is no robot to send all kinds of metals, and the things that she bought from Diamond Star were limited – the energy of this planet is owned by its owner and can only be exported.

Of course, it’s beneficial if she can use this area.

Xu Qiu also wanted to construct a large warehouse here, which was originally built underground to serve as a cellar.

If she can, this place can also be used as a freezer.

It is autumn right now, and winter will be coming soon, but eating popsicles in the winter is super cool.

[The system does not have permission]

008 responded unexpectedly to Xu Qiu.

[Only certain areas can be transformed here, and I can’t open certain doors, but the host can walk around and try it]

It is a high-tech product that is far superior to Xu Qiu’s time and space. It is neither a prophet nor a panacea.

“In that case, I’m not going to investigate the mystery today.”

After a while, the cubs will go on winter vacation, and she will return during the winter vacation.

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