Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 378

Chapter 378

In order to spy on the adversary, seduce Ya’er.

“What… what idea?” she questioned hesitantly.

“Would you like to become human?” Xi Ying instigated.

“…” Ya’er’s eyes flashed across the five years she had spent as a mechanical girl.

Become a human being?

This was something she had never considered on her own initiative.

It appeared, however, to be a longing buried deep inside her heart that she would not dare touch.

Seeing Ya’er’s uncertainty, Xi Ying seemed to grasp why the Lord God’s mission was to guide the robot revolution.

The robots on this plane may have noticed the plight of their lives and desire to get the least amount of respect in their hearts.

“If you wish to become a human, I can help you.

Simply put, it is to implant your core chip into a human body, and that person is Liang Kaiyin.

I’ve prepared the specific operation procedure, and if you dare, I’ll show you how to execute it.

Of course, you are not required to respond to me today.

It’s not a trivial matter, and I understand you need time to consider it.”

Xi Ying’s words were simple, and she knew when to advance and when to retreat.

It will neither make Ya’er feel particularly agitated nor make her feel particularly calm.

“You can contact me if you understand or have an answer.” Xi Ying shook Ya’er’s hand after speaking.

Only in this way can a link be established between the mechanical girl.

It’s similar to adding friends to social software.

“All right, it’s getting late. Let’s rush and save them.” Xi Ying rose from her seat and paid the bill.

Ya’er trailed behind her as she moved in front.

They arrived at where Fang Jingchen and Liang Kaiyin were trapped and successfully rescued them.

Liang Kaiyin wanted to go to the hospital for a physical checkup, while Fang Jingchen wanted to stay at home and relax.

As a result, Liang Kaiyin and Ya’er went to the hospital, while Xi Ying took Fang Jingchen home.

Fang Jingchen’s mood was low once he came home.

Anyone who is left for half an hour dangling from a branch on a steep slope will be afraid.

So he washed and went to sleep without saying anything to Xi Ying.

Xi Ying also quietly snatched Fang Jingchen’s phone and looked for Liang Kaiyin’s phone number in the address book.

Liang Kaiyin received a text message from her.

“I’m Bing Ning. How is your body?”

After an hour, Liang Kaiyin responded.

“Is there something wrong?”

It is clear from these two words how much Liang Kaiyin dislikes Xi Ying.

However, Xi Ying didn’t care at all.

She would not need Liang Kaiyin’s enthusiasm for her in the least.


She’s here to get things done.

“I met your mechanical girl at the foot of the mountain when I went to rescue you today.”

Within a minute of sending this SMS message, a response was received.

“And then what?”

“She said that she wanted to make an alliance with me.”

Xi Ying hooked her lips after sending this text message.

She felt that Liang Kaiyin would avoid Ya’er and contact her within five minutes.

Sure enough, Xi Ying’s phone rang two minutes later.

The number on the caller ID was Liang Kaiyin’s.

She responds.

“Did she form an alliance with you? What type of alliance?” Liang Kaiyin’s first sentence was really direct.

“What do you think of the two mechanical girls’ alliance?” Then, slowly, Xi Ying said.

Xi Ying’s attitude was set to blow Liang Kaiyin away.

“Bing Ning, do you want any benefits? Then tell me exactly what you want!”

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