Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 379

Chapter 379

“But in exchange, you must tell me what’s on Ya’er’s mind!”

Actually, Liang Kaiyin had felt uneasy in her heart since she first owned a mechanical girl.

After all, the mechanical girl’s look and touch are indistinguishable from human beings.

It’s the same as having someone at your side.

This “human” is, nevertheless, still a robot.

This is similar to a moving doll. She can walk, eat, and sleep, yet she is still essentially a doll.

This is a creepy thing.

Liang Kaiyin has had several dreams in which the seemingly obedient Ya Er murders her.

So when she read Xi Ying’s text message revealing Ya’er and Xi Ying’s alliance, she knew her dream would come true!

“I want you to leave Fang Jingchen’s side, and you will never be allowed to disturb him again.” Xi Ying made an excuse that she had been considering for a long time.

If she didn’t have a reason, Liang Kaiyin would be suspicious.

There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

“Why? Do you have a thing for Fang Jingchen?” Liang Kaiyin was taken aback. Is it possible for a mechanical girl to take the initiative and fall in love with humans?


She should ask, doesn’t the mechanical girl have no concept of love?

So, why did Bing Ning demand that she leave Fang Jingchen?

She loves Fang Jingchen.

“Does the reason have anything to do with you? You just need to obey, understand?” The microphone emitted an arrogant tone.

Liang Kaiyin rolled his eyes several times.

She has always spoken in this tone to others.

She was furious after seeing Xi Ying’s treatment of her today.

And Xi Ying is nothing more than a mechanical girl.

“I know I’m not going to approach Fang Jingchen again.

Now you can tell me what you and Ya’er are allied with, right?”

Despite her displeasure, Liang Kaiyin agreed first.

Isn’t it better to say it verbally instead?

Liang Kaiyin believes that a robot is a robot and that its brain is not as flexible as a human.

She may believe her as long as she is confused.

“She wanted to kill you, but realized she couldn’t do it alone and it would break the three laws, so she asked me if I wanted to kill Fang Jingchen instead.

If that’s the case, we’ll figure out a way to work together.”

Xi Ying’s words were heard by Liang Kaiyin and there was a strong feeling.

Ya’er was determined to kill her!

“Okay, I’ll hang up.”

“Remember what you said, Liang Kaiyin.” Xi Ying emphasized purposefully.

“I’ve got it.”

Liang Kaiyin immediately hung up the phone.

When Xi Ying saw the words ‘call ended’ on the phone, her eyes lit up with joy.

She successfully provoked the relationship between Liang Kaiyin and Ya’er!

The ultimate objective of Xi Ying is to let Ya’er do it and observe how effectively the robot’s core chip integrates with the human body.

As a result, Ya’er must be allowed to overcome the obstacles in her heart.

But Xi Ying understood it would take a long time with Ya’er’s own power.

Liang Kaiyin is, after all, her master. So even if the robot’s heart has some wicked ideas, it will not be activated so quickly.

So she came to do something on Liang Kaiyin’s behalf once more in order to reignite the relationship.

As a result, Liang Kaiyin’s attitude toward Ya’er will deteriorate. She will be suspicious. She may mistreat Ya’er in the same way she mistreated Bing Ning in the previous life.

Is Xi Ying still worried that Ya’er would have to think about it for a long time at that point?

Ya’er, I will definitely approach her for help in the near future.

[Host, I noticed that you are ideal for playing intrigue… uh, I mean, you are great for the palace fighting plane, dear! I’m really looking forward to seeing you fly into the palace fight plane, hehe.]

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